The Spirit of Fire / July 4th


We already talked about the healing rain. Now, let’s talk fire. See the sun bursting over the flowers, that is the way the fire of the Spirit bursts over us. From the Son of God. The Holy Spirit is the power and love and sound mind we both have and need as believers.

I know a lot of people are skeptical of televangelists. Money and other misgivings aside, some of us are not sure what to make of people being barely touched and falling over or not being touched at all, but by unseen hands, of the Lord or angels. And yes, I know some think people are pushed over, or are in some kind of mass hysteria.

I agree, there are people who are hyped up to music or just see it as entertainment. There are people of faith who are truly anointed or gifted though. And the Holy Spirit fire is like the wind, you may not see Him but you know He has been or is there. And you will seen results, people are changed, healed and delivered in His presence.

And you will keep seeing results, though they may face temptations believers are not going to keep on in a willfully sinful life. They are truly new creatures in Christ. And you often hear the term on fire for God. The faithful can get burned out, worn out, burn the proverbial candle at both ends. The enemy will definitely wear out the saints.

So we, as believers, should rest in the rain, the gentle, peaceful worship of our souls toward Christ our Lord and then blaze with the light and warmth of His love. This little light our ours should not be under a bushel nor extinguished so easily.

And whatever you think about ministers who are ” out there ” as I have heard. Jesus is out there too. I never liked the term faith healer. But it takes, faith, hope and the greatest of all to be healed, love and that is what He is.

Some lives take more to heal than others, there are reasons people die or suffer that I can’t explain. But there are some that I can, it takes His fire to burn out some sickness, diseases, addictions and other maladies and issues that keep souls bound. Never be afraid of the rain, it is peaceful and calms the storm. And never be afraid of the fire because even if it consumes you body and soul, you are more alive than ever.

Literal storms and fires cause death and destruction. His rain and fire give life and life more abundantly. So how about it? Can you set aside misgiving over ministers, they are just people too, some better that others but forgiven if repentant, and we can only judge righteously, can you let it go?

Can you give God another chance to set you free? From pain, illness or disease by resting in the rain or letting a blaze burn out, the ” demons ” of body and soul sent to torment and destroy.

I always tell people to take their medicine, seethe doctor, and even for mental afflictions, but you will know when you are healed, cleansed and purified by His fire, if need be. Some things take more power. More fire or more rain.

You can fight fire with fire and and you fight it with rain. I hope this helps you receive in Jesus name. His love is power, and His peace. And this may be a different sort of 4th of July post, but God’s fireworks are on display, every night when the stars explode onto a canvas of night, so fireworks may be something to us but God’s rain and fire, though we may or may not see them are certainly very real.

2 thoughts on “The Spirit of Fire / July 4th”

  1. “God’s fireworks are on display, every night when the stars explode onto a canvas of night.” And those fireworks don’t have to be loud to get our attention when we just look up.


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