Imagine You’re An Angel

Lots of people have put on costumes and joined the Christmas pageant, maybe even had a speaking part, but certainly were a part of a heavenly choir, if only for a few rehearsals and a couple of hours. But as we wrap up spending time with the Father, we can keep on going and join the angel study as well, for a summer of angels.

Can you even imagine being an angel? Being whisked into existence in a flash with thousands of other heavenly beings at the Father’s command? All shapes sizes, colors of skin, long, flowing golden locks and shorter ones with curls. raven, jet black, bluish in the light of heaven. Gowns and robes, sashes and belts, swords, breastplates, jewels, men and women, cherubim and seraphim, ranks and choirs.

I once had someone not be happy with me for believing there were female angels. Now, I ask you common sense tells us He made male and female everything else? Why not angels, but I showed the pastor’s wife, not to be a smarty pants but just to get it right, here’s the verse.

Then I lifted my eyes and saw, and behold, two women coming forward! The wind was in their wings. They had wings like the wings of a stork, and they lifted up the basket between earth and heaven. Zechariah 5:9

He had been speaking to an angel and now sees the women, they have an evil spirit in there called wickedness, also a woman and they were taking her to Babylon. Now, we have studied here on the blog how even words in Hebrew have a male or female connotation, Proverbs refers to wisdom as a woman, well it is quite clear here, wickedness can also be a woman,

But the women with wind in their wings are angels. Some angels are fallen but there are more that aren’t. So there are more working for us than against us as believers. And you know most things or demons are just names like greed, envy, jealousy or pride. You get the idea.

But some angels were created with no wings, two wing and even six. They are above the throne, the seraphim. How would you like to stand there in the presence of God and cover your face and feet with your wings? And worship, holy, holy, holy. While Zachariah describes the women with wind in their wings as having a stork like appearance, they were probably white and outstretched. And some depictions of angels will have pointed wings, like a capital M, they may appear in rows or be called chains.

Other wings may be feathery or thick and gradually soften, the colors would vary too, just like birds can have many colored feathers. They could be silver, gray and white. Or golden, bronzed and yellowish, even pastel or bright colors, who can say but the imagination of our God and we could look to nature to see that.

Ezekiel described the wheels, and Revelation the living creatures. Ezekiel describes the rims and wheels, obviously angels can move at or beyond light speed and carry the chariot of God. Or are they the actually the wheel so the chariot with with spinning wings.They are described as being full of eyes. Look at the picture and the feather, beautiful and it looks like an eye. Peacocks were often kept in palaces. And if these angels have peacock like feathers that will be a sight to behold and what an amazing vision.

So wings could be blue, green, and full of eyes. Even having the likeness or other creatures like a lion. And while you give a thought to what an angel may look like, remember they are obeying God and are commanded with helping believers. So they have come and gone up and down heavenly ladders and steps, fought many enemies, comforted many souls, found many lost sheep. The sang, announced births, were there at the manger, the garden, the cross. And are coming to separate wheat from tares.

They have sung children to sleep, praised with worship  leaders and knelt beside bedsides, at altars on battlefields with the fallen. Some people like to think of themselves or someone they know as an earth angel. That is somewhat true. Still we need to know His angels are there whether we see them or not, we can trust they are.

Now that we have and idea what they look like, we will also delve into what they do, and as always I urge you to read and study for yourself and allow the Spirit of Truth to discern concerning any teaching.

Note; Chariot is Hebrew is merkabah, the IDF calls tanks that.

And what royalty or a bride may be carried on is an aperion in Hebrew.

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8 thoughts on “Imagine You’re An Angel”

  1. I love the way Madeleine L’Engle portrays the cherubim in A Wrinkle in Time. The biblical portrayal of angels is surely a lot different from the images we see in paintings and pop culture.


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