In Charge Of Angels

We all know Psalm 91, and that God gives His angels charge over us. They are always close by, Exodus 23:20 says they go before us, Psalm 34:7 says they encamp around  the saints and deliver them. Do we even realize what that means? We’re not saints are we? As a believer in Christ, actually we are, so lose the poor old sinner saved by grace mentality. Jesus saved you, died for you while you were a sinner not even here yet, and now because you believed on Him, angels are camping out around you.

And they have gone before us in answer to prayer, and at His command. He made good plans for us a long time ago the prophet Jeremiah explained. Psalms and Proverbs are full of verses explaining how He keeps us on the right path and directs or orders our steps. But are we following them? His plans?

What about the fact that they bear us up in their hands? I don’t know about you but I sure have tripped over a lot of things and not felt like angels were there but they were. I have had a couple of serious falls and been very glad not to have broken bones. Believe me, you have to begin to see God’s hand in things, it is a matter of perception. Angels are there for our protection.

And about Psalm 34:7, not only are they camped out around us, but they deliver us. From what? Whatever we need deliverance from, the Lord’s Prayer says deliver us from evil. Angels are there and can keep us from temptation, certain people and situations. you may be surprised what you have missed by angelic protection being in place, even in trying to help others, it has happened to me.

God is the God who sees, El Roi, Hagar calls Him, she encountered the Angel of the Lord, Jesus. So God sees and knows who to send you way and who to keep away. When we get off His paths we are in trouble, but angels are there to deliver us. If we allow them to as beings with a free will, we can choose to disobey, that can have repercussions.

And while God charges the angels, they are given His commands, Psalm 103 blesses angels who hearken or listen to His Word, when we speak His words over our lives and that of our families and friends, and when ministering to others, when we are in ministry or not, we are in effect giving our voices in agreement with His. He is speaking angelic commands as we believe in Him to do so.

And a command is not simply a request, it is not like asking a child to do something and hoping they comply, and usually parents will have to insist or redirect, or reinforce the rules. No, angels, who were even called sons of God at one point, early on in genesis, are servants and do the will of God, they have seen what happens to fallen angels.

I for one, am glad to see the Lord charging angels over me. And I am glad that angels have been given charge over me to keep me in all my ways.




6 thoughts on “In Charge Of Angels”

  1. Count me in this grateful crowd, too! 🙂 “I for one, am glad to see the Lord charging angels over me. And I am glad that angels have been given charge over me to keep me in all my ways.”


  2. Angels are intriguing! I think I probably have a very busy guardian angel! He’s most likely regretting taking the job. LOL

    Thanks, Rebecca for linking up at InstaEncouragements!


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