Why I Love My Father


He’s always looking out for me. He planned so many good things in advance. Even before He created the world, I was a twinkle in His eye. Even before Jesus died. And knew all about me too. He danced the day I was born because I almost was not, my mother and I were in a bad way when His hand covered us. And we’ve been covered ever since.

There were things I knew I wanted but could not afford but He was taking that into consideration and making better plans than I already had. So I didn’t get to do a lot of things. And I sought Him about health. I was trying to hard to be good and fit in. But God wants you to shine and stand out, I think that bothered some adults, especially, what I knew about the Bible.

I was avoiding controversy if I could, but I had to stand up for Jesus and that made Him proud, in a good way. He had the right time for plans and I was following them to the letter. Or so I thought, I knew He had answered prayers, I just had not seen all the results. I never really doubted my Father’s Word. He’ll bring in the harvest at the right time. There will be beauty in the fruition of His time. Also I never really knew how much He did love me. I don’t think we really do, we know it but yet, we don’t. Somehow it has to get through to both head and heart, we have to get emotions and mentalities or mindsets out of the way.

He was always patient with me, He was always there for me. He knew when I worked too hard and got me back on track, time and again I was healed of things that should have devastated me, and a lot of those things were caused from trying too hard to be healed of the one or two healings I needed most, and just wearing myself out, I was helping the enemy, who does try to wear out the saints. I didn’t always recognize that but now I do. I was worn out, truthfully, I wore myself out, but I know now that I always  had His rest, I didn’t always enter it.

I can listen to my heart, and be anxious for nothing and feel His peace, I can rest in Him as He takes care of it for me. He has been firm with me, yet, the only time I was ever really admonished was about fear. Why fear, when I have His love? And His love is perfect. Mine may get tired, His will not. And a heart filled with the Father’s love can be trusted and is no longer deceitful like the proverb says. God will not lie, He keeps every promise. If we don’t receive something there is a reason, and most of them are in us.

And that is not a negative comment but more of a note to self, don’t count yourself out, never fold, don’t disqualify yourself. He doesn’t. My Father is peaceful and patient. He make things beautiful in His time. He is love eternal, reach out to love His children. All of us.

I love my Father because of His love and patience, He even held onto to promises I thought were lost. I may have been broken, but His promises were. true. I listened to some who said wait. I waited, and waited. But my Father holds eternity in His hand and my promises, I have prayed so many prayers for myself and others. So if my Father is yours, because you know Jesus, He has your promises too.

He never gave up on me, stopped loving me or welcoming to open arms of love and compassion when people would show very little. Most people just don’t understand, when I didn’t have money, I would laugh about having a trust fund. I had to trust my Father, that was actually very true.

I love Him for His gifts, real and spiritual, for His peace more than anything, for His Spirit to teach me and never leave or forsake me. He’s never too busy for me, He always listens, He’s never tired of my stories or ideas. I neither bore or annoy Him. He cares about details, He is in them.

He treats me as an only child, I am spoiled in a good way, and lavished in love and grace. I am His girl, His pearl, and He is my world. I have and endless list of reasons to love my Father. But I need only one, I love Him because He loved me first. And with this post I close the month of spending time with my Father, but He will still there as we enjoy a summer of angels.

Rebecca Jones / pexels

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