His Grace Abounds To Me

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Oh Lord, you’re beautiful, Your face is all I seek, For when your eyes are on this child, Your grace abounds to me….. Oh Lord, thank you that your grace abounds to me. I really feel a lot going on in my soul.

It is if I am being torn in two or more directions. I don’t want to be unkind but I get tired of the same trials popping up and I know where they come from. The same old enemy, the same old lies, the same old what if’s or should haves.

Some days are like fighting a never ending battle and some days are long. That is why I had to quit fighting and struggling and rest in His love. I was exhausted, and it didn’t matter if the dishes weren’t done or the laundry piled up.

I can nap, be quiet and be still. Let His waves of grace wash over me as I worship or pray, I can feel His love warm me like a soft blanket and His peace.is powerful, like standing by the sea or in a mist of rain, the waves of grace pour over me and they will you too.

Because He is beautiful, I have sought His face and I know like a sparrow, His eyes are on me, and  grace abounds to me.  So what is your struggle today? Stop struggling and release that burden to HIm and He will let you abound in grace everyday.

Don’t think you can’t slow down, you’re too busy or still young. It catches up to you no matter your age, the enemy steals youth and strength but the Lord restores it. Take time to meditate on the beauty of the Lord, it is all around us.

Won’t you take a moment today to pray with me, Father, I repent of not taking care of myself, and I release my burdens to you and will not pick them again, when I start to worry of feel torn between emotions and faith, I let you wash over me with your Spirit and waves of grace abound to me. In Jesus name, amen. public domain, please enjoy Keith Green.


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