My Father Thinks A Lot Of Me



You know I knew these verses but never like I do now. I like the verse from Psalm 139:17, How precious to me are your thoughts, God. How vast is the sum of them.  I like the New Heart translation, it was surprising to see the Aramaic translating thoughts to friends. Jesus spoke Hebrew and Aramaic.

Thoughts are our friends or enemies aren’t they? They mess up our day or bless it. God is always thinking about us, and has good plans and not harm. He wants and longs to bring these things to pass, but His ways are not ours and not His thoughts. Isaiah 55:8:9. So  how do we change that?

Philippians 4:8 is a good place to start, it tells what to think about. And Hebrews explains the rest of faith that God longed  for the children of Israel to enter, when they didn’t,  He was angry, but later He gave us the chance to enter because of Jesus, and we need to.

You know when you love someone, you think about them, a lot. And parents who love their children are always thinking of how to make their lives better. And while working is good and a necessary means of providing for them, don’t let it take away that quality time, that is even more important.

Having a nice home and clothes, food, and education are all important. But Jesus even warned about taking the thought of what will eat or wear. Our Heavenly Father is Jehovah Jireh, the provider. And He wants us to believe He will provide, and supply our needs. Phillipians 4:19. We all want to be independent and want our freedom just like children do from parents, we are the same by God. But we are not as free as we think   until we depend on Him, He’s always thinking about us, always. We can’t count the thoughts or the stars.

We can choose what we think about, and I know it is hard not to worry or be upset at times but when you know how much you are loved by your Father it is a lot easier. We are we made righteous by the sacrifice of Jesus and only that, now we can  think His thoughts or at least more of them.

I am so happy to know He thought so much of me as to give His only Son, though I hate that He had to go through it for me. That thought alone should make us believers but sadly in this world we have trouble and it causes us to focus on other things rather than Jesus, but He overcame and left His peace, let’s get back into focus, and think good thoughts. I am thankful my Father thinks a lot of me. And I’m thinking a lot about Him.

Happy Father’s Day, but I have a few more post before we go to angels.

Mehrdad Haghighi / Unsplash



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