His April Storms?


Yes, they are His storms. He stands up and speaks to them. ” Peace, be still. ” And the wind and waves obey Him and the disciples are amazed. Truthfully, Jesus was sleep in bow. I think He was hoping the disciples had learned authority by now.

He surely wants us to be alert and to use the spiritual authority He died to restore, and He encouraged them to stay awake even in Gethsemane. When we find ourselves adrift in the storms, we need to say the same thing, ” Peace, be still. ”

We should be speaking peace to all areas of our lives because it includes so many benefits of salvation. It is spring now and here in Georgia, it has already been hot a few days, a little too hot for April, it fires up the afternoon storms.

They drizzle, they pour, the pound with hail. Thankfully, the sunroom is no longer leaking. There have been storm warnings, tornado warnings, and some that have already done damage in the south.

Whatever storm we go through God is not asleep, nor Jesus, as the High Priest. I was up at 3 and 4 a.m. to see the weatherman say they were losing power, and guess what? I have even been able to sleep through some, and I intend to more, for there will be more, and I want to pray the peace prayer over my life. It really does no good to worry.

This is about literal storms, but spiritual ones are just the same. They come and go and keep us up. They  drizzle, pour and pound, our boats are rocking and we wonder where He is? Please don’t ask Him if he cares. Really, He died for us, He cares. I know they asked before the crucifixion but they were right there as he performed miracles, it was offensive, but Jesus was not offended. He rebuke the waves.

We can calm ourselves and our storms with His peace, and we can sleep through them, but if we need Him, He’s in the boat, and He will stand up and say, peace be still. Our storm are His because He bore our sorrows, He can rid us of storms and gives us peace, April or anytime.


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6 thoughts on “His April Storms?”

  1. Wow! I’ve just been reading so much about peace today! What is God trying to tell me? We are four days out from a wedding we’ve been planning for months. I need peace this week! Thanks for this reminder! Thanks for linking up at InstaEncouragements!


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