His April Days


Now that the stone has rolled away and He is risen, we can walk freely and worthy of Him. He gave us so much with His resurrection. A risen Lord watches from heaven as the weary come to rest.

But we should embrace the fact that just as the stone rolled away that morning He can and will do the same for us . Whatever the problem is, wherever the pain is or whomever may be causing it, He is there for us.

And that Spirit that raised Jesus is there for us, ready to roll away the stones in our lives, ready to move the mountains and out us back in green pastures as we are filled with living water.

I have to admit just studying His great sacrifice was overwhelming at times and I know the story, we all do. But have we even realized the depths of that love? As we finish out the month of April, I want us to embrace His grace even more fully.

And I want us to rest in Him, it is finished. So let’s rest from the problems we have struggled with, the lies we have believed, the accusations that are false. We are His children and He has spared not even His only Son.

I have come to rely on Him more and more and I hope you can the same. Please take some time this week to rest and reflect, to be still and know God, who wants to lavish us with grace and blessings.

Let’s listen for the wind of the Spirit to call us by name, as we walk in while before Him, risen with Him, and be expectant with hope that we are the joy that was set before Him and He is ours.

May His grace and peace guide our steps this week, and may we remain safe in hollow of His scarred hand, as we rest in Him and pursue the peace of God, which is truly pursuing us.

The rose of Sharon is risen, and the garden gate is open, so let’s walk with Him these April days.


8 thoughts on “His April Days”

  1. Thank you for this precious prayer:
    “May His grace and peace guide our steps this week, and may we remain safe in hollow of His scarred hand, as we rest in Him and pursue the peace of God, which is truly pursuing us.”
    This prayer is especially meaningful to me as my Grandson’s name is Logan, which means “little hollow.” We were so blessed when we thought of how beautifully that fits with being held in the hollow of our Lord’s hands. Thank you for stirring this memory today, and keeping my heart fixed on HIM. Blessings to you!


    1. Thank you, Bettie. Perhaps, it was just for you, I wrote it late last night as I noticed I was low on blog posts, and I was tired delving into the crucifixion so much, even with the Holy Spirit, it was hard for Him and that is why He relates to us. Please share the prayer or write it on His picture.

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  2. Hi, Rebecca! Whom the Son sets free is free indeed. He rose, just as He said He would. I am ecstatic to have a God that sets my mind free to pursue truth and invites us all into a relationship of reason with Him.

    Commenting from Christian Creators Community Facebook group 🙂


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