His April Gates


I chose this old picture because of the gate, , the artist’s name was illegible. But it fits with spring and out topic and has the old look that is what I have used this month in the vintage art not as opulent as theGated Beautiful, nor the Pearl Ones, not asterrifying as the gates of hell.

His sacrifice complete. Jesus was actually at the gates of hell and inside, He knew the Father would not leave Him there. Surely the enemy thought he had won. But he was wrong. For you will not abandon my soul to Hades, or let your Holy One see corruption. Acts 2:27, fulfilling Psalm 16:10. Hades is another term for hell. It was created fro the devil and fallen angels not people. God doesn’t send you there, we have a choice, the wrong ones will get you there.

You may also hear Gehenna, it’s the same. It was in reference to fire pit going outside the city. It was the trash heap, everything went there, all the filth, and even the bodies of prisoners. Enter, Joseph of Aramathea, and a new tomb that was donated. Jesus could have afforded one but He had lived at Capernaum, Nazareth and Bethlehem and He was in the city of Jerusalem at Passover with crowds, but God would not allow this travesty.

Just so you will know, Friday until Sunday morning is not three days and nights to us, but it is counted differently then, in twelve hours. Including the night before and the trial, which should not have been at night, they never were, we have Friday Saturday, Sunday, and Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights, although if He were crucified Thursday it would appear to be the special Passover, and not just the Sabbath on Friday. But even Friday morning and He had to be off the cross before sundown, makes it fit to me because He may not have been in the tomb but certainly in agony, near enough to death.

It doesn’t matter to me, I just know some scoffers would use that, but time was kept differently and that is the best explanation I can offer. The main thing is His legs were not broken, another prophetic word, and He was not left on a burning trash heap or in a pit. he stormed the gates of hell and then let’s look at the the Beautiful Gate.

We want to remember the story of Peter and John going to the temple to pray. The gate was called Beautiful, now what better place to receive a miracle than a place called Beautiful? While the man was used to being outside the gate and his lot as a beggar, he must have had hope that something would change and it did when Peter and John walked up. The story is in Acts 3.

They walked across court of the Gentiles. Afternoon prayers were probably at 3 o’clock, about time Jesus gave up His Spirit on the cross, and before that even walked on water, at night. The number three, represents Father, Son and Holy Spirit. His death and resurrection, and His name created a miracle that afternoon. The same Spirit that raised Jesus healed this man,

Coming to Solomon’s temple, there was the main entrance, the Beautiful Gate, the man expected to receive, we must take note of that, but he got more than he expected. Perhaps, he had hopes of walking and disliked begging, I don’t know, but he was told to look at them, that they had no silver and gold but lifted him up and immediately he was healed.

It also drew a crowd and a Spirit filled Peter told them about crucifying Jesus, and that it was His name tha healed the man. Many did believe though they were taken away and held overnight, and admonished the next day not to speak of Jesus, and they said they could not be silent, but they were powerless to hold them fearing the people who had witnessed a miracle.

The Bible speaks a lot about doors, windows and even gates, an angel rescues Peter later on, and the gate opens by itself, that happened when the glory departed the temple in the Old Testament as well.

We can ask God to open doors no man can close and close doors we don’t need open, open windows of heaven for blessings and even expect to receive, not as beggars but bold women of grace. Instead of Peter and John, we will look on Jesus, the author and finisher of faith, Hebrews 12:2.

We must be willing to close off areas of our walk with Him that are too distracting, disruptive or even destructive, if you have opened yourself up to the enemy, the Spirit will show you how to close him off. We want to enter the gates of Pearl, each gate is just one Pearl, what He suffered to get us there, to make the miraculous happen. What pure and perfect love, s our devotion to Him should be.

And in the beauty of spring, though this story was probably closer to our summer, we too can expect to receive and not only sit and stand, but walk and praise God at His Beautiful April Gate. Just because Jesus went through what He did for us. Today is Saturday on the timeline and He is risen on the first day of the week. Rebecca Jones



2 thoughts on “His April Gates”

  1. Glory be to God in the Highest! Jesus/Yeshua Conquered Death, Hell and the Grave!
    Our King, Redeemer, Savior, Lord and Messiah is the Restorer of All and Over All and When He said, “It Is Finished” the Keys to Hell were captured and demolished and from the hands of the enemy, where he and his enemies are reserved just for them! Hallelujah, Thank You King Jesus !! Beautiful Rebecca, Thank You for sharing
    Have a blessed Good Friday, Passover Saturday and Resurrection Sunday, Easter Weekend through Christ Our Lord.


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