His April Good Friday

There was nothing good about the crucifixion. Not in any sense of the word. And yet, past the bloody crown of thorns, hearing the weeping nad mocking, having heard a hammer strike nails or spikes into His hands and feet, His back already torn from both beating and scourging, Jesus was doing this of His own free will for our salvation, and that was good. What  was hideous and horrid, horrible and any other adjective you could think of, was wonderful, loving and even beautiful for those who would believe.

He died for us to live and to know love, His love. His agape, and we were crucified with Him. We suffer with Him, by loving His love and doing His will and we are often hurt by others, rejected, mocked, just like He was. He was punished for my peace with that crown of thorns.

I can suggest you read Isaiah 53, or John or any number or verses, but more than that I believe He would just like us to spend quiet and contemplative time with Him. He did this for the joy set before Him, He is our joy and we are His, we should enjoy Jesus and allow Him to enjoy us, let Him be a part of our lives in all ways, our lives really should revolve around Him, for He so was taken with us, He went through all of this.

The only good thing about Friday for Jesus was giving His Spirit up, it was finished and now He could retrieve the keys to death, hell and the grave, restore the authority of Adam to believers. By his sin death reigned, by Jesus’ death, grace reigns. He tasted death for us, for the sake of God’s children, and I believe we are living in a time that we may see the Rapture and His soon return or the Second Coming.

So many Christians are struggling and being oppressed, this is the time to rest in His finished work. Give up the cross and hold onto the risen Lord. It is finished. I pray His peace for you, and His benefits, what He willed and wanted for you. Good Friday was good for us because of His love.

And Sunday is coming…..but what happened that Friday, from Jesus point of view, a powerful video.




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6 thoughts on “His April Good Friday”

  1. Beautiful Rebecca… I cry every time, EVERYTIME!! Thank you for sharing Joseph Prince’ video of our Savior bearing our sins up on the cross


  2. I love this post. Jesus dead was sad but I am so glad He died. There is no way I could ever pay for what He did for me, and that is the beauty of His Unselfish Love.


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