His April / Passover Betrayal


The poet Christina Rosetti said of the infant Jesus that His mother worshiped Him with a kiss. The Judas kiss is a stark contrast and betrayal of that. Jesus was and is about a holy kiss, a kiss of peace. So how did Judas, who walked right beside Him come to that place of cruelty, even though it had to be for the plan of redemption ot succeed?

Judas heart was evil with ambition, he must have perverted the scene of Mary’s anointing Jesus into His betraying his own plans, his heart was black and cruel, and the devil turned him into a madman. Having watched the silent version of King of Kings, Judas palms his communion, I wonder if the real Judas did the same? How could one so close do such a cruel thing. Joseph Schildkraut’s  performance impressed me, he resists, but grows madder and and madder as the movie progresses. Not everyone is a silent film fan, and while Hollywood is not always accurate it is interesting.

Jesus chose Judas, just like the other disciples. He had to know what would happen because He was able to see the enemy’s plans and thwart them. But He chose to give His life.

Judas never stands out like Peter, James and John does he? Is he in charge of finances? That would be Matthew’s sort of training, he was a tax collector.  Though most were disreputable. Jesus changes that, so what about Judas? You can read John 18, how Jesus will still call him friend, even as the kiss comes. See His power knock over those sent to get Him. Save Peter from death by restoring an ear. Luke 22 details the Passover.

Jesus says someone will betray Him, and though Peter worries about everyone else, and swears he will die for him, he will deny Him not once but three times. Judas is already thinking over the offer he has been made, and decides he will do it.

It is then satan enters him, that is creepy, most of us experience oppression but nothing like that. Jesus knows and tells him do do it quickly. So he will go and get get his blood money and later come to betray Jesus.

His madness continues and he will afterward toss away the money and hang himself. Perhaps, he could have repented, he was a man. The devil cannot repent, he was judged already. Many people claim the Bible is in error as to his death, hanging and spilling out his insides, but if you hanged yourself and the limb broke, well, you get the picture.

And the sad thing is, people still betray Him and He is still calling them friend.





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