His April Green Pastures


I have to say I have had a couple of days that Psalm 23 keeps coming to mind, especially the ” makes me to lie down in green pastures ‘ verse. I have to admit that other translations, though very good, often pale to that.

Makes me, is almost exact, though He lets you or allows you to relax in green pastures, more often it is more of an insistence. While we should be happy to sit reclined on a hillside with a brook close by, a meadow in the distance full of wildflowers, butterflies, bees, birds round out the scenario, and a picnic basket and loved one, we are all too much in a hurry to rest.

God has to allow us to see the failure of not entering His rest and sometimes He uses the problems we face, not causing them, but using them, to teach us that He set boundaries for a reason. Our minds and hearts need rest as believers, even doing good can make you weary, even the good that planned for us to do, since salvation is by grace.

Memorizing, reciting, even writing the Psalm are ways to sow it like a spring seed into your spirit. God will not force you to do things, even rest. While Jesus invited the weary to come and He give them rest to be teamed or yoke with Him, for His yoke was easy and burden light, we have a free will, to overdo, over think, or neither but just whatever path the world takes us.

But it would be nice to take a moment this spring, in fact, everyday of every season, to sink back into that rest of faith, rest beside living and refreshing waters, even put our feet in, and put them up. Be ready to walk beside still waters that meander along.

Lie back on sweet smelling green pastures, and stop trying to find out if someone else’s grass is greener, we should be a faithful and contented flock with the Lord as our shepherd and not be  in lack or want.

While He guides us faithfully and nudges us back in line. Let’s not make Him search for us or take the crook and turn us back, we should be following the Good Shepherd closely, whether we, from a sheepish perspective, look at His feet, side or hands, all were pierced, let’s follow closely His voice, He allows us to lie to rest to live in His April and always green pastures, peacefully. Rebecca Jones

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