His April Angels


I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about angels lately. And while I love all this Victorian ephemera, all the stationary, book marks, scrapbooking pieces and decoupage, angels are not just chubby little cherubs sitting on pedestals.

A lot of times that is what we think of when we think about angels. And while they may not be limited in God’s creative ingenuity as to being baby like and rosy cheeked, can we even comprehend their strength or beauty.

Psalm 103 reminds us that they excel in strength and listen to God, which is why we should pray His word, not to angels but for protection, and to send them out in spiritual warfare on our behalf. April has been a month under attack because of the passover season, even March, the enemy would like nothing ore that for the message of the Good News of Jesus not to be shared.

Remember, that we can entertain angels unaware. And that is not just showing kindness to a stranger, that takes wisdom and discernment as well. I believe it is also that they are very close to His children, believers and even if we are not aware of it. Though we should be.

Angels are near with the presence of His Spirit, they are powerful and protective as commanded by God. In the times and world we live in, we need them at our disposal, over our families, workplaces, even cities. Angels work that way in a hierarchy, like Michael watches over Jerusalem. There is warfare going on we don’t see.

Angels are guardians, but go up in rank to Archangel. We need them to move back the rulers and wickedness in dark places. So let’s keep the thought in mind that His angels are powerful and protective, and working in our life. Don;t let them sit inactive just thinking that they are cherubic, even the cherubs are strong, and what about the blazing six winged seraphim?

We should call on God to activate them for us, and send them on assignments for whatever we are believing Him for. Angels ministered to Jesus, they can bring us strength too. And they desire to look into salvation, because they don’t have that benefit.

Your faithfulness continues through all generations; you established the earth, and it endures. Psalm 119:90, He has been faithful to send His angels throughout all history, and especially to those of us who are faithful to Him and His words. God keeps promises, and He promised angels.

Though angels are servants and not given to emotions meaning they can’t intervene unless there is prayer, not to them but to God, I don’t think they’d mind us wondering about their appearance, even some as cherubs. His April Angels are on assignment in Jesus name. Rebecca Jones

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