The Tear Bottle


How often have I cried,

That for me, Jesus died.

And even more tears shed,

He was risen from the dead.

How I have shed tears,

And wept for years,

In pain and disgrace.

Only to envision, His smiling face.

The many tears I have wept,

The thousands that He kept.

On an altar, or the mercy seat.

He gathers my tears,

As I weep at His feet.

Not anointing like Mary’s oil,

But anointing just the same,

He gives rejoicing for tears,

As I call upon His name.

Oh, the tears I have wept,

On nights I could have slept,

In His warm embrace.

Held by His amazing grace.

Some tears I must hold back,

Never look through,

Going back to grief is not an option,

I choose not too.

But some tears I had to pray,

In agony, wrenching through.

And it was alright, and it was true.

And still He held me in the night.

Beauty for ashes,

Joy for sorrow,

Should I cry tonight,

He holds me ’til tomorrow.

And I will in the morning, embrace the Son,

Rejoicing in what He has done.

That He cried for me, and I have loved Him many years.

And He loves me, enough to keep a bottle of my tears.

Rebecca Jones

photo…Marefee, pexels, thank you. Adobe Spark



3 thoughts on “The Tear Bottle”

  1. Absolutely Beautiful… even though I don’t get online to Pinterest on Sunday, I just had to comment on the Beautiful poem about the love of our Savior Christ Jesus and the love of Our Heavenly ABBA Father- Adonai Elohim collecting our tears in the Royal bottle. We’re in the family of Royalty. Thank you Sweet Sister Rebecca for sharing such beauty through words of wisdom


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