Magnified Tears

Woman Holding Vial Glass

Did you know that God keep our tears in a bottle? He sure does. Now that is love, isn’t it? We dry them and throw away tissues and wash our faces and look at our puffy eyes. Try to fix our makeup and hope no one notices. We choke them back, hide them, and sometimes even wallow in them alone or at night. We are minimizing, the hurts, the sorrow, the grief, many times, especially in public. Even Joseph turns his back on his brothers, when they did not recognize him after being sold into slavery, and now governor of Egypt.

Tears are sometimes, something we wouldn’t want anyone to see or know about. Unless, we are alone. But He does. And sometimes we wish someone would take notice and help and are often even overlooked but He sees. And He has a bottle, maybe more. Personally, I may have buckets of them. Or maybe one of those huge, elaborate, vases. Maybe my tears water roses.

Whatever our bottle looks like, whatever the shape or color or glass, we as believers all have one and it hold our tears, our tears are precious to God. Why would such an infinite being be interested in the tiniest teardrop? Why? Why would He magnify a bottle of water? He can see each tear. Because He is our Father and He knows how much we love and need Him. He longs to care for us and take care of our every need. Are we allowing Him to? He is so much more the perfect parent, never distracted or hard at work, He sees, hears and smells and even wants us to taste and see His goodness rather than the salt of tears.

He sees every sparrow, all the tears. Even the ones cried by other creatures, whether they have a bottle or not. If we are worth many sparrows perhaps we are worth many tears. Jesus, Himself, wept. Over Jerusalem and over us and He knows how precious tears are for He spent time alone with the Father, and maybe He even cried then. And in the garden of Gethsemane, His sweat became as great drops of blood, that fell to the earth and broke the curse of Adam and Eve.

Jesus pain was cruel, and His tears were magnified in the garden, if His sweat was as blood, were not His tears mixed in, an on the cross, andas He gave His life, perhaps He envisioned ours, mine were at eleven embracing a friend, we were saved the same day, went all through school together.

But it doesn’t say what became of His tears? Does Jesus too, have a tear bottle? It is something to consider. Would not a loving Father who has the blood of His Son at the mercy seat of heaven, not have also what gathered His Son’s tears? And if Jesus had a tear bottle, what would it look like? It would be magnificent. If letters or lips are sealed with a kiss and our souls are sealed with are sealed with His Spirit, what to so tears seal?

Signet rings seal wax, covenants and scrolls. Wills, our inheritance from the one who loved us and died for us to receive. What do tears seal, His love, His grace, His peace? Do they seal the Book of Life, or golden altars before golden candlesticks, do they fill golden lavers that cleanse hearts, souls or minds? How miniscule yet magnificent the power of a tear, especially a woman’s tear. Beware making a woman who is His beloved cry, you could be licking flames and wishing for a tear to quench that cruel tongue.

Is Jesus; tear bottle a huge pearlescent one? Or solid gold, silver for the redemption He purchased or encrusted with diamonds or rubies, that we are worth more than to Him. Is it at the mercy seat, or secreted away somewhere in Heaven? Does it stay full or does the Father pour it out as He answers prayers?

I would imagine Jesus’ tear bottle was amazingly full. It would have to be. And I thought mine was. I have cried with  pain, over hurts, love that was wounded, rejection, and just because I knew what He did for me. Jesus cried over all of humanity, for centuries, over wars and bloodshed, aborted babies, cruelty and injustices and for the one who would believe in He endured such agony and it this with sadness He allows others to be turned into hell, because He had made them a way. And they refused.

It is not anything you have done that sends your soul there, it is that you neglect the one needful thing, to sit at His feet, to know Jesus and believe in and follow Him. Just love Him. So where are you tears, misguided and misplaced overs ome foolish things? Or are they real tears of heartbrokenness for the one who loves you and gave His life? He keeps them in a bottle. He is magnified in prayer, and magnifies each tear. Rebecca Jones / Huy ProShoot pexels, thanks.

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