Magnificent Angels

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Magnificent angels, creatures divine and lovely, both male and female*, they excel in strength and do His will, listening to the Lord, ever beholding His face. they are curious about people, and salvation since they have no need of it but they will only intervene when sent in answer to prayers.

I have been interested in angels since i was seventeen, and a precious lady from church gave me my first book about them. Angels are sent on assignments, somethings just aren’t ours or even theirs only the Lord’s but they have a hierarchy and ranks.

Most of us won’t even realize when we have been touched by an angel, the accident you miss, the food poisoning you didn’t get, the robbery you drove on past. You get the idea, And then again there are thousands of stories of divine intervention and angelic protection.

Some people have seen angels, recognized their presence, always with the Holy Spirit. Not the silly orbs of light that are photoshopped or just pictures taken by someone that are out of focus or double exposed, but streams of beautiful warm and golden white light that slip dreams or visions into your sleep.

And sometimes, while awake and deep in thought or prayer. Should we pray to angels? No! Should we pray for God to send them and tell them what to do, definitely. Keep us from evil, from the Lord’s Prayer is very good.

We need to pray for them to watch over our families, and not just that but to literally step between us and evil, stop children from surfing the web into trouble, I was amazed at these new or new to me suicidal games, parents need to be aware and alert. But we can never guard as well as God or His holy angels because we don’t always know the dangers they see.

We want to magnify God, to trust Him is a good way to do that. While we are be good stewards, diligent and alert, we are also to rest in His promises, and angels are part of the promises of salvation. How often do we read Psalm 91? We should know it by heart and recite it often.

Early on in my studies, I ready many books and you do have to be careful, some focus on New Age, even though it sometimes sounds like faith, it can be counterfeit. Always trust the Holy Spirit. I don’t worship angels, I worship the Lord who sends them and has sent them many times on my behalf or I would not be here writing this and you may not be here reading it.

One day we will judge our guardian angels, I want Jesu to say well done to me, and I want to say that to them. I suppose I kept them busy. I have prayed for so many people. And I have fought health issues and spiritual warfare, but because wants this blog up, it is up and not running, but resting in Him, and always amazed at His grace, and that He entrusts me to the care of His magnificent angels. Rebecca Jones / Garon Piceli, thanks. Adobe Spark

  • I was told once that there were no women angels, the one that is mentioned as a woman with wings is an evil spirit, a fallen angel, the other four named are the two Archangels are Michael and Gabriel. The fallen lucifer and abaddon or apollyon.

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