Magnify Your Wings

I found this beautiful phrase on Pinterest and I loved it. I will write my peace on your wings and you will fly over the world. Although that is not actually a Bible verse it could be. I have been studying and sowing John 14:27 in my heart for months now, His peace and how He left it to us.

Real butterflies don’t live very long or fly nearly that far, but we can especially, with His peace written there on our wings. How ever far we fly or travel or soar by His Spirit corresponds to that peace. And also, letting our hearts not worry or be afraid, it is in that verse too. We read how God magnifies the us or exalts us in due time if those hearts are humble and obedient to Him.

We have all heard the line about roots and wings to fly and indeed we should be rooted and grounded in the love of our blessed Lord Jesus Christ. But like the new creature in Him, 2 Corinthians 5:17, we should beat our wings and be strong enough  to take flight from our safe cocoons. For we are still wrapped in that love. Butterflies are magnificent creatures, delicate but able to soar.

Sometimes, butterflies die if they are cut out or let out too soon. So we need to be strong in faith and in the fruit of the Spirit. He allows some things to make us strong not to harm us for He has good plans Jeremiah tells us. Those plans are for good. We endure and overcome by His guidance and grace. Now that is magnificent!

The Holy Spirit is the wind beneath the wings of the Lord’s army of tiny, fragile and delicate butterflies, making us strong, it is an army of all sizes and colors. A veritable rainbow set about the world like a halo to heaven. He will let us soar, holding us all the way. He gives us roots, wings and even the grace and peace in greater amounts than we could ever imagine, so we can fly the world over.

Proverbs talks about writing words on the tablets of our hearts, so why not peace on our wings. It is the dove who embodies the symbolism of His Spirit, the butterfly that represents resurrection and new life in Him, not at your passing but at your being saved or born again of the Spirit. Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time He may exalt you. 1 Peter 5:6, Proper, due or right time, He knows the time.

Our new life is hidden there and we must search out His ways by His Spirit in order to find the things He planned for us. In order for Him to write peace on our wings and to fly over the world. March is a month of winds, when winter fades and spring comes closer. So, why not some peace, His peace written on our hearts and wings. Butterflies, bringing to remembrance our salvation, that we are new creations and graced with peaceful wings.

How pleasant the peace of His presence, the warmth that melt the winter’s bitter cold. How beautifully He would write His peace on these wings, and how wonderful He is to magnify them. Rebecca Jones / pexels


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