Magnificent Languages


I have heard some new things from a Rabbi in Israel that I had not known previously, even though I had heard him mentioned and some of his teaching. When approached about speaking in tongues, he was calling it God’s language.

Apparently, it is the Old Testament equivalent of our baptism in the Spirit and the gift of tongues. Now, how is that possible? On the day of atonement, Yom Kippor, we know that the high priest is allowed into the Holy of Holies to atone once a year for sin. He had to be right with God, himself. There was even a cord tied to his foot in case he died in God’s presence.

A pure high priest could enter, make atonement and was said to be given the language of God. We know that the Holy Spirit came on people at various times, with supernatural strength, abilities and wisdom. But this must have been a yearly event, and why tongues or an unknown language, so the devil could not interfere. And we know, he tries. God does not want hindrances to His will.

Today, it is so much different, a better covenant with Jesus as High Priest, the curtain that literally breathed or moved with the wind of the Spirit, was four inches thick and ripped into by the Holy Spirit when Jesus was crucified, His torn flesh literally now the veil, His breath, the very breath of God tore it to open the throne of God to us as believers.

Jesus sacrifice makes us kings and priests, so we can come boldly to the Father and ask in His name. The Holy Spirit was actually even referred to as the Holy Breath at one point. The word for wind, spirit, breath is Ruach in Hebrew. You knew the Spirit was in the temple when you heard God breathe, perhaps, inhaling or even a deep sigh, to again visit His people. The glory departed though but we know it came back in a big way at Pentecost.

The rushing, mighty wind filled the Upper Room and men began to speak in tongues as cloven tongues of fire sat on them. They were cloven so the vision would be received, for these Jews were still observant of food laws, which we are not under, but grace. Jesus fulfilled the law and prophets. There were also women there.

We have to be believers to receive the gift of tongues, many people are saved and baptized in the Spirit at the same time, which I believe is a good way to go. I had never heard of it until I was twelve, did not receive until I was thirty or so. It would have been much easier not to have to go back and rethink and relearn. It is a powerful gift and I ask people to read and study before asking Him.

Should you decide to receive the baptism, pray often in tongues to cleanse you from daily inputs in your spirit, He keeps your heart clean, fresh and pure. Pray as often and as long as you need to. Angels are with the Holy Spirit. He refreshes your soul. He actually restores your soul.

If you think you have been paralyzed with fear, He will, for lack of a better word paralyze you with peace. He will keep you in peace if your mind is where it should be, on Jesus. He repeats what He hears from the Lord and you will learn discernment.

He prays for us and through us. Romans 8:26 says He prays when we don’t know how or what to pray for. You might be praying for healing and be in need of deliverance. He does things in order and in His time. When I suffered major back pain, and had bronchitis, He was more concerned about my back, eventually, if that attacked again, a day or two of speaking in tongues turned bronchitis that used to be weeks or months, into nothing. Some things do take longer to heal.

He is glad to give you rest in Him. There was also a prophetic word given about praying  in tongues even more as attacks are being stepped up. I do believe because the enemy’s time is short, and he knows it. Believers are having way too many problems. Don’t be afraid to ask the Lord for His help, that is what He sent His Spirit here for, the Comforter, Helper and Advocate.

The Holy Spirit gives various gifts, study 1 Corinthians 12, 13. He is a way we can magnify God and give Him glory. And He gives us a prayer language, and there is also a prophetic gift. For if you have the ability to speak in tongues, you will be talking only to God, since people won’t be able to understand you. You will be speaking by the power of the Spirit, but it will all be mysterious. 1 Corinthians 14:2. And He gives magnificent languages. Rebecca Jones / Anastasia Lobanovskaya, pexels…thank you.


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