Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!

Look at the way the sun hits the suitcase. When we read in Romans 3:23, that we fall so short of His glory, this is about as good as it gets with a visual. Oh, I could show you people bathed in light, that is glory, because He is life, light and love. You see images of the holy family with halos or angels, that is glory.

Actually, the Hebrew word for glory is kavod, pronounced kah- vode. It is the weighty and powerful presence of His Spirit, pure love and peace, great joy. It is the same glory from the temple that the high priest stood in, now Jesus is the great High Priest, and He is us and so His glory should be.

A lot of poor teaching, ignorance of the enemy devices, fear and deception, have kept us short of His glory. We sit in our field, like a lone piece of baggage. We bloom little, instead of ridding ourselves of our baggage we have come to cling to it, to clutch it as if were filled with diamonds or secret documents.

And it is! We are diamond girls in Him. Beautiful and precious stones cut in His image. And our souls are loaded with the secrets of our new and hidden life in Him, His good plans and desires from His heart to ours. It is secret and wonderful, just as He is and He will bring it to fruition, when we drop the baggage. This is weight we want to lose, it weighs us down and His kavod or glory should be a weight we would be proud to carry.

Our life was meant to be filled with joy, but not a bag under each arm, one in each hand, on our head. We were made to love    and be loved, you may not feel like that with a baby on one hip, vacuum in the other hand, pots boiling over. Not with bills piling up and laundry, too many appointments, schedules, accounts to balance.

Work, school, home life and family life, dating or married life and all the baggage we carry. We should let it go, give it to Jesus. He offered to carry our cares, His yoke is easy and His burden light, when we are weary, heavy laden. When you can’t take another step, fold another towel, was another dish, hear another tantrum.

Preachers from back in the day beat us over the head with Romans 3:23, guess what, they were falling short too. Not teach His love and grace. His gift of daily, saving grace, though we are saved we need saving from something all the time. The bad diagnosis, the threat of foreclosure, bankruptcy, divorce, changing careers, you name it. He is generous with grace.

And what I found wonderful about the word glory is that is also interchanged at times with splendor. How beautiful the heavens are, they are His handiwork and splendor, and so are we. We are not falling short of His glory as much as believing it is already inside of us in the peace and presence, the love of His precious Spirit.

Many people are skeptical of spiritual gifts, and I understand that, so was I, but I needed healing and was always falling short, but He never will. He gives us His beautiful glory to soak in, bask in, delight in as He delights in us, His beloved children. He is the power and glory forever. And He loves to share it with us, glory, glory, hallelujah. Rebecca Jones / pexels



7 thoughts on “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah!”

  1. Yep, I’ve been a “pack mule” loaded with baggage many times in my life. Thank you for the reminder that it isn’t the way we are to live!


  2. What a perfect photo to go with the post! Loved this description of glory: “It is the weighty and powerful presence of His Spirit”. so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


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