Dance at the Wedding

second coming of jesus Christ

What about the bridegroom of heaven? Of all the spectacular events yet to unfold, it is coming. But this won’t be be televised, for it is the Rapture of the church. many will be missing. Perhaps at later date, the news will cover the event because so many may not have a clue.

Though the King, God has invited many to His Son’s figurative and spiritual marriage to the Church, not everyone has been invited yet. Not all believe in Jesus as Lord, and not all will accept. If you think royal weddings here are spectacular, what about this one? Wouldn’t we want to dance at this wedding in heaven or even dance with Jesus?

You, as a believer, have your invitation, so don’t forget to wear your wedding garment that He provided, our robes of righteousness. The ones His sacrifice purchased for us to wear, we are in no way righteous except through Jesus. Many people in the Bible owned wedding garments, but they were wealthy. God invites anyone to come, and as King, He will provide the garment, that was the custom, so get ready to dance at a wedding, even if you’re not really much of a dancer.

Even if you have lived a good life and donated millions, or walked for charity or visited the sick, doesn’t make you righteous if you have not been born again. Grace is a gift, not from works, it is a gift from God, and the works we do are what He has called us to do. We can’t do anything without Him, He owns everything anyway.

Angels are no doubt preparing the Marriage Supper. The table is set and ready. Have you seen the painting called The Invitation or heard Michael Card’s Come To The Table? Seven years in heaven will be wonderful but it is not the same as on earth. God’s time is different, only He knows the hour, and we should be ready.

This date is not fixed for us to get up early and plan. He will come at a moment’s notice and possibly even at night, as was the Jewish custom. You may not have time to be ready. That is why we should be robed in righteousness and walking in faith and love when He comes. We should have the oil of the Holy Spirit burning brightly within us, our lamps ready so that we are not foolish.

As I said it is a figurative marriage of faith between Jesus and His beloved bride, the church. The term is used to describe His  agape love for those who have believed in Him and called on His name. He will kiss us with His peace. And we will be embraced forever before the Father in heaven, accepted into the beloved, a pure and holy relationship, that is intimate and pure, far above the physical. The pure love between God and His creation of man and woman.

All the angels, singing, chariots instead of carriages, shofars for trumpets, rows of men and women ready for the ceremony, while royal weddings have continued for years, this is a once in a lifetime event, actually a once in an eternity event. He could come at any moment, that is why it is important to know Jesus as Lord, He loved enough to take our place on a cross of shame, for us to be beloved. He is inviting you, ask Him into your heart, you are already on His. And He is waiting, His dance card is never full, He longs to embrace us in an eternal and peaceful wedding waltz. Rebecca Jones/ / public domain



9 thoughts on “Dance at the Wedding”

  1. Yes, grace is a gift. I’m so grateful for God’s free and sovereign grace. And it’s comforting to think of how “He longs to embrace us in an eternal and peaceful wedding waltz.” Thank you, Rebecca. Love and blessings to you!


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