Inquire of the Lord

Ever get side tracked in faith? Yeah, me too. Ever play trivial pursuit? Then you know some things are just useless information. I don’t have anything against it. I like trivia. But life is not a game, and though it should be joyful, we face so many obstacles that we need His grace. I read  about words and their meanings and names and origins. I read about women from history. But it takes grace not to get sidetracked.

That is something we must not give in to, but rather inquire of the Lord. Let’s look at the word inquire or ask, it is so much more. To ask a question, to seek for truth or information, to seek to learn anything by recourse to the proper means of knowledge; to make examination. Even to call or name. Job uses in reference to calling forth sin for punishment. I believe He made it clear with the idea of choosing blessings or curses.

But in the New Covenant, we know that Jesus took our punishment, and that He is our peace. We have access to a loving Father through Him and should ask or inquire, and not go off on trivial pursuits but seek His peace. Sometimes, I break up the monotony of studying or typing. I need a break. Jesus isn’t boring at all. I don’t get tired of Him, but truthfully, I can get very tired of explaining Him. A lot of people see might just Jesus as just sappy, but He cleared the temple. He was powerful and gentle and meant what He said. My words or anyone’s, mere words don’t do Him justice.

This is something that has turned in on men, whether their own experiences with their fathers or as fathers, I don’t know. Somewhere along the way, some men have become abusive. And Jesus was never like that. Men and women both get caught up in trivial pursuits, legalism, women’s rights, arguments of all kinds, all convinced they are right and follow others examples instead of the Holy Spirit. They should follow grace, His name is Jesus.

We can still have time for fun and things we enjoy, but entertainment and some things will just have to take a back seat to God if you want Jesus to rule and reign in your life. If you want healing, you will have to sow healing Scriptures into your spirit. If you want peace, sow peace in your spirit. Jesus promised to answer prayer, so inquire of Him, salvation if you are not a believer and what you need to know as a believer.

Love and healing is what I needed. Maybe, you’re not much different to me. I went back to John. The devil will be happy to steal your joy and your peace, your health, he will keep you in worry and fear. And is an expert in lies and deception. These really are trivial pursuits. Jesus said it does no good to worry. You won’t get taller or anything else. I see chaos all around sometimes and that’s just at my house so I know how easy worry can be. I know who the liar is because I have learned to discern, what is important from the trivial pursuits.

But our focus has to be on Jesus and letting His peace rule and reign in our hearts. He is there, in the heart we gave to Him as we accepted Him as Lord. We need to keep on the straight and narrow and not to be looking left or right. Like driving down the road and keeping our eyes on the road and not looking at all the distractions or even window shopping as it were. You can be walking through the mall and not be paying attention and get pushed and shoved. All the pretzels and cinnamon rolls and sales look inviting, but you were here for a new coat right? See how easy it is to be distracted.

People in the Old testament had to inquire of the priests, they went to the judges, they even inquired about going to battle. The Holy Spirit  came upon people in those days but now reside in the heart of a believer.So all we have to do is ask and not get distracted, that enemy will try. That is company I am glad to part with.

The same is true of healing, distraction, you’ve prayed, been prayed for and the enemy sends pain, symptoms and you may even feel worse. Although there may some pain involved in healing, I have said that before but I do believe there s no pain is Jesus just like no fear, we just have to remain in Him.

The enemy will attempt to copy even that. You get better and worse, don’t give up. Your focus is healing. Not your sickness. Your focus is Jesus and what He did for you, not what the sickness is doing to you. I know it can be hard, I always tell people to take medication, go to the doctor. But focus on healing and Jesus.

Faith, hope and love, His love, Jesus is worth pursuing until He catches you. He is close to you whatever you do and He will give you rest. Don’t get into foolish things, you guard your heart and mouth and let Jesus help you do it with His peace, and you won’t have to worry just ask and inquire of the Lord.  Rebecca Jones / melancholia photography, pexels, thanks.


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