Restoring the Love of Jesus / Reject

andre hunter

Finally, brothers, rejoice. Aim for restoration, comfort one another, agree with one another, live in peace; and the God of love and peace will be with you. 2 Corinthians 13:11

I don’t know about you but is this your life? I would guess not. I know it isn’t mine, although I have more peace. I am glad there is the verse about living in peace as much as possible, because this is one we need to work on, not only in our families but the body of Christ. Some people just aren’t in agreement with one another. How often we feel rejected.

And yet we are redeemed and loved by the one who has been most rejected of all, Jesus. Read Isaiah 53, the prophetic account of His suffering that was to come. He was a man of sorrow, He was despised and rejected and He allowed it to save us, so His Father would not have to reject us. He is our peace, our heaven, when we did nothing to deserve it.

I doubt any of us are ever really that rejected and especially not beaten and cruelly nailed to a cross. Yet, there are spiritual implications. We sure have never been rejected by everyone, a whole nation, vilified and humiliated publicly. I doubt even anyone raked over the coals of the media ever suffered so. It is rejection we can not conceive. After all, did we give up heaven to come to earth and hell for anyone?

This is a photograph of the backs of bridesmaids and He is coming for a spotless bride. So what about meeting Him face to face.? I have had that discussion a few times and I would like for it to be, the ” Well done, good and faithful servant answer. ” I can’t imagine the other one. The one awaiting those who reject Him as as Lord, just as the Jews rejected Him as Messiah.

Truthfully, I never thought about crowns, I knew there was crown of life. But that was a good thing because He rewards you and He knows our heart. I did want one to toss at His feet. I wasn’t even trying to win souls just to show love. I just always prayed to be who He wanted me to be. And still I was met with a lot of rejection, but so was He.

I’m not where I’d like to be or where He would like me to be but I pray for restoration and that is a good verse for this month, forget cupid’s arrows and the fiery darts and aim for restoration. And how? We are to offer comfort. I cannot count the sympathies I have written to people even over the holidays, all the loss and suffering of hearts. He will mend them in time. even in hardship,He is deeply familiar with all these for He walked in our shoes as a man so we could follow in His footsteps, and even be carried by Him.

Agreeing with each other is what I find harder, it was like the more I trusted Jesus, the farther apart I got from some. Living in peace also takes work. There are always those pesky distractions like pouring the ice out everywhere, the leaky sink, the last roll of paper towels.

Someone may be taking pot shots at your faith or dredge up an old wound. They will most certainly question your belief in healing or something else. I believe some people are not happy unless they make other people miserable. Avoid them to have peace. Should they be a relative, it is harder but you can do it. A spouse? God will have to help you by His grace and Spirit. Arguing and tempers are a good way to let the enemy in. It is an easy way to allow rejection in.

If you can live in love and peace, the God of love and peace will be with you. And that is my prayer for us as we are early on in the New Year, that we can aim for restoring the love of Jesus. Comfort each other, at least agree to disagree. You would not believe the errant ways I hear Revelation explained.

In fact, a lot people, including some believers don’t have working knowledge of the Bible, much less a spiritual one. But I want to live in peace and for the God of love and peace to be with me, don’t you? Surround yourself with like minded people if you can, people who have wisdom. We may reject a lot of things but never sound wisdom or advice and never the truths of God’s word.

Find someone to pray with and someone you can truly love and trust, to help you through any trying times, and be assured His love is worth it, and we want a full restoration and it will come someday. Until then, let’s be at peace and the Lord Jesus by His Spirit and grace, and the God of love and peace is watching over us. He is glad to receive you if you call on Him, He will not reject you. Rebecca Jones / Andre Hunter thanks.


1. to refuse to have, take, recognize
2. to refuse to grant (a request, demand, etc.).
3. to refuse to accept (someone or something); rebuff: The other children rejected him.         The publisher rejected the author’s latest novel.
4. to discard as useless or unsatisfactory: The mind rejects painful memories.
5. to cast out or eject; vomit.

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