Heart To Heart / Suppose

We’re talking Valentines this month, hearts, flowers, love and even friends. Suppose you had a sister to talk to. Or a best friend. Sisters can be best friends and sadly some worst enemies. And sometimes, friends come and go. We all need that one friend who understands us best. We don’t have to suppose, Jesus is that friend, that won’t betray confidences, and can be counted on to help us out, even to pray for us.

We need that desperately in the body of Christ. To know that we can talk to Him. He’s just not like us, we are not always as loving. So let’s stop any snippy remarks, I know when I get tired I can be cranky, and I am a perfectionist, though I am not perfect, the Lord is, so I can follow His perfect example. And let’s lose the comparison, we still do it even we are aware of it.

I might like the look of someone’s else’s blog, wish I had better computer skills, more money to put into it. Yet, my words matter and someone needs to read them. I might notice someone has used a better verse, or I wish I’d thought of that, but  they may be thinking that about me too. I try to encourage everyone I meet who is a beginner, and even the professionals. I knew nothing but to type and hit publish.

I know there is a word to lift up anyone who may come across my site. Just as comments and what I read encourage me. That is what sisters in Christ should be doing, heart to heart, conversations, healing and encouragement. There is enough of,  “Who does she thinks she is or what makes her think she can do anything. ” Sound familiar, that pesky enemy voice in our heads? We should never talk to each other that way, or even ourselves. We don’t have to suppose the worst. We have a friend who already overcame it. He should be our example as  a friend, He is still calling Judas friend as He is betrayed with a kiss, that is love.

And we all talk to ourselves and no, we’re not crazy. We just tend to encourage ourselves, and it is a good thing to sing, pray, praise. It is a good idea to confess or profess our faith aloud even if only to Jesus, because some people won’t get it. But really, who cares if they think you’re crazy? Why not say out loud to ourselves what we suppose Jesus would say. it it used to be  a popular saying WWJD, what would Jesus do? We have to look at His and see what He says about us and not just suppose, but read who we are in Christ.

Aren’t we beloved? Daughters of the King? Can’t we go boldly to His throne? Didn’t He promise to answer prayer? I mean, after all the one who loved us most is our most important friend and Valentine. And even if there is no one else to turn to or trust. There is Jesus. He is in our heart, is a heartbeat and breath away.

We all should have a few go to verses, prayers or something to encourage us everyday. Whether it is in a blog, a journal or even a post it note. Even if it is a favorite quote or emoji dotted texts, there is something to bring a smile to our faces, a laugh or joy to our heart, and most importantly, peace to our soul. We don’t have to suppose we have friend we do and He sticks closer than a brother or sister, and is the best example for friends.

And He’s ready to have heart to heart talks, and when His heart speaks to ours, there is love, there is rest and there is His peace. I suppose we could all use that. And He can give us a friend or sister, or sister in Christ, who we can share with, heart to heart. Rebecca Jones / Ben White

The word suppose is in the Bible, Jesus uses it about fulfilling the law, and that His coming to minister will not cause peace, even though we know He left us His, and it is sprinkled in the Old Testament, even in a conversation with Abraham and the Angel of the Lord, a pre-incarnate, Jesus.


5 thoughts on “Heart To Heart / Suppose”

  1. Yes, I love that Jesus is that friend with whom we can share our inner most needs and He alone understands us like no one else can. Thankful too for the friends He sends us on this side of eternity.


  2. Thanks for sharing. i have one older sister and we are not close. We are military so we have moved 3 times in 8 years. And my best friend is my husband because I can ‘t necessarily find one where we are. So it is a blessing to know that Jesus is someone I can count on.


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