She Walks In Beauty / Night


She walks in beauty like the night, the first line of a favorite Lord Byron poem. Though I don’t really see day as gaudy. I love that too, I have always been captivated by the night. While others may find it a fearful place, and admittedly I have had my share of those, I find it tranquil. There is a peace and beauty about it, God created it good a place of rest and communion with Him. You might want to share some poetry this month with those you love, as we talk about His love this month.

Night does not have to be place of chaos and corruption or mischief and mayhem. It is not a cover for sin. It no longer has a foreboding sense over it when you can seek the Lord and He delivers you from fears. It is not just cloak and dagger or the noir of old movies. Not a place of evil or lurking shapes and shadows. It is candlelight dinners and walks in the moonlight,

I always found it a place to daydream, because there was little time in the day. So much of my writing pours through as His gift in the night. Some of best work may come in the night watch. The days were divided into  hours and there was a watchman on the wall, it was his duty to guard the city. It meant death if he failed.  Jesus is like our watchman, He will not fail.

So why be afraid of the dark or night? Angels are watching. And the watchman is even more important. And in the sacred stillness of the night rest, His rest and peace, is healing and wholeness, deliverance from all fear. For He created everything good and declared it so. The night is no exception. Only what you do with it or allow access to your soul. He permeated it with His peace and saturates it with His Spirit. He blesses the beloved with rest, and sometimes even speaks to us in dreams and vision, those you must ask the Spirit to help you discern.

His healing hand hovers over the darkness, and the clouds that lingers over the minds of the hurting, He longs for them to rest, He is generous with His rest, but it is a gift you have to receive. Let Him comfort you in the night, let Him quiet your weary soul, come to Him, and He will give your rest and refreshment. He gathers your prayers and tears.

If the rocks can cry out praise surely the stars can sing Him a song. The moonlight beams upon the dark waters that are troubled and calms them, stills them The night blankets the sky and he blankets us with Isaiah 53. That was a dark day, the kind of darkness that is fearful, He took all that for us. We need not fear.

There is peace and inspiration in the night. His Spirit is always with us , inside as believers our protection and comfort. He searches the deep things of God. He looks at God’s heart and ours, He sees the purity of God’s agape love, or the absence of His presence in our lives. We are not to have troubled hearts. Love lives in us as believers, and love is the night’s breath if His Spirit is there.

He wants us to have holy hearts, sacred and still hearts and compassionate ones. He wants us to walk in beauty, the beauty of Christ whether day or night and wear the aromatic perfume of His presence, a sacrifice of love that pleases the Father. In the darkness, the sacred stillness of the night is His rest and healing. So is it a new thing for you to rest at night, not to be afraid at night? Let Him be the beauty of your night and He will let us have a love that is innocent and walk in beauty like the night. Rebecca Jones / It’s Me NeoSam / pexels thanks.

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10 thoughts on “She Walks In Beauty / Night”

  1. Your words convey the peace we can have if we remember God’s promises. I enjoyed your description of the night sky with stars and moonlight–created by God.


  2. I love that poem, even though Lord Byron’s life was an absolute nightmare. And you’re right about darkness – even dark is light to God. The Watchman is watching so we don’t need to be afraid.


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