An Hour of Grace / Swan

Grace was my word for the year, although there will be others. I have had so much grace, grace to overcome. Look at what a graceful creature. Though it appears to have been frowned on as unclean and not edible in the Old Testament, and there may have been some question as to the actual bird, the Hebrew is tinshemeth meaning hard breather. Supposedly, used in reference to a bird and lizard, who can change colors. Obviously the lizard is a chameleon but the bird may be more of an owl, who can camouflage itself in the night. Unless, it is black to white. But even if it was a swan, it take on another role as a beautiful creation by God.

At a bank I used to go to, there was an apartment complex across from it and the had beautiful ducks that swam there, if ducks are cute, little waddlers that quack and sometimes turn up their down bottoms, to search the bottom of the lake for food, then swans are glamorous, graceful and elegant creatures. Look at the long and curved neck, resting in the wing. And the mother can carry her young even while swimming. Just like we can rest in Jesus.

Even if my mind is in a whir, I still just fall into the rest that is Jesus, I lose myself into verses of His love, and even if I have had nights when pain caused me to sing or cry myself to sleep, I sleep in that hour of grace. Because I know who the healer is and how it comes from His Spirit in us as we rest in His grace.

Swans are monogamous like most birds but will choose another mate should one die, most are vocal although one is more mute, and give way to the phrase swan song a belief that it will sing beautifully at death. There are several species and live in various places. The black one is most noted in the Ugly Duckling story. But there is also the Swan Princess and Swan Lake. No wonder it was considered for ballet, the swan glides as gracefully and effortlessly as a dancer, but without rehearsal.

I believe we are in an hour of grace. Just sitting in the quiet of the living room, dim lights, no television, relaxing in a recliner that has seen better days and won’t even let me put my feet up, I can see an occasional headlight on the glass door, it reflects colors of the design, even late at night, there is His peace, rest and an hour of grace, and should you have someone with whom to talk about Him with, He is there, an hour of grace. You just sleep better, rest better, heal better.

We should be like that swan gliding along the still waters in peace, resting our head under His wing. Silent, still, full of grace upon grace, calm, rested and refreshed in His love and words, for we have spent time in His presence. And He is our protector, I had a chance to see a video before posting this of a mother swan attacking a man for trying to catch her baby with a net, she didn’t understand that he was trying to cut a fishing line off of it. But Jesus knows who our attackers are.

I don’t know when He will return. Time in heaven is not like on earth. If a thousand years is like a day, I don’t know what seven years could be, exactly when and how he counted, when the fullness of time is. I know the Tribulation is referred to as time, time and half time, the seven years. And I know better is one day in His court than thousands elsewhere. Even one minute would be.

So what is an hour of grace to Him? What is it to us? A year? A season? Or just an occasional hour here and that that is sufficient grace for us? Two today, one tomorrow, some days may need an hour of grace morning noon and night. Some days, perhaps everyday, is just twenty four hours of it.

Whatever we are facing, as a matter of the times we live in, He is there, Grace upon grace. And whenever we need to, we can just rest in His love, thank Him for His blessings and mercies, pray for others, pray for peace, it will come when He does.It will come with His grace, until He does. make time for Him, He is ever to busy for you, and if you are like me at all, and there is too much for you to take in at times, give your care to the one who cares for you, and take a grace break, for an hour of grace. Glide upon the lake of grace, like a swan. Rebecca Jones / pixabay



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