Drink the Water! / Simmer

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Ever see those old westerns where someone has poisoned the water hole? It happens. In a spiritual sense, many of us have had our water holes or wells, yes, even the living water that is Christ, poisoned in a way, filled in or dammed up. How, you make ask, by the simmering heat of criticism, destructive and relationships.

In the south people will often use the term, for anger, ” to stew on it. ” While ladies are supposed to proper, they stew on things until they build up and let off steam, when I cook, it is almost inevitable that a pot boils over, even if the lid is cocked. People are no different. We stew, simmer and boil over, and sometimes to the extent of poisoning our own wells or the wells of others, you can poison, trust, friendship, faith and even love. At least natural love, perhaps, it is more quenching the Spirit or God’s love.

How is that possible? Surely, the living water of Jesus flows out over us. It surely does and we are filled with His Spirit, and as we pray in the Spirit we are stirring the belly of living waters. And yet, like in the Old Testament, Jacob had to re-dig wells, filled in with rocks by enemies. It was a common practice to fill in a well and cut off the supply of water, and these people were already living in the desert.

In a similar fashion the enemy will sneak in, unnoticed many times and start to fill in our well. Gum up the works. Maybe through illness, something you can’t shake, a few more problems, finances. But I have found that a lot of times it is just poison of the tongue that spews criticism, condemnation, persecution and ridicule. I have even told people they should be ashamed and they should be, but if they are not convicted by the Holy Spirit, and repentant, I can not make them believe.

And as a believer, shame is not a tool to wave over our heads, like the proverbial sword of Damocles, no, we are forgiven east to west, that’s not Jesus’ way. He corrects, and guides, but He took the punishment that brought us peace. Oh, He simmered and stewed, He was angry and never sinned. He could sleep in a boat during a storm. He was disappointed when asked whether or not He cared if they perished, but not angry. He cleared the temple, but bothered to stop and cord a whip, turned over a table, He never beat the money changers as they did Him, Jesus held His tongue as hell crucified Him, demons punishing Him in our place.

He simmered, He stewed, He was angry, We need to follow His example of prayer, and sleep in peace and let no sunset ever see us angry, It only hurts us and never helps us, oh, maybe for a while. and there are times to speak up, but allowing problems to fester, underlie and build, can be destructive, a device of the enemy. John 10:10, Jesus came for us to have life, not like that old, steal, kill, destroy.

So instead of pouring salt into old wounds, opening gaping scars, belittling and bedeviling, let’s try the more excellent way, love. And if the person refuses love and peace and rejects Jesus way, it’s time to move on. There are many souls in need of the living water.

So be sure that we are not letting a few bad apples or those who choose to languish in the bitter waters of Mara, to poison our water. The stick was thrown in to make the water sweet, Jesus throws the cross into our lives to make them better not bitter. Let’s drink from the living waters that never run dry. Jesus sat upon that very well of Jacob having went out of His way to help a Samaritan woman. He went way out of His way coming from heaven to earth, to help us.

It may be winter in a lot of places, a friend in Australia told me it was 110 there, and I know those Georgia summers when you praise Him for air conditioners. But it is not just the weather that simmers or sizzles. Are we sipping the living waters, like I do at night with real water or guzzling it up like filling a tank, are we running on empty when it comes to being thirsty for His living water?

Don’t be content with a bottle or a canteen, make sure no one is using the devices of the devil to poison your waterhole. Drink the water! Rebecca Jones / pexels

  • Note: If you are unfamiliar with Damocles, he was eager to trade place with his king Dionysious, in the 4th century anecdote. He sat on the throne with a sword suspended over his head, held by the pommel on by a single horse’s tail hair. While the king made have ruled from fear, God knows every hair on our head and the sword of the Spirit hangs over us.


4 thoughts on “Drink the Water! / Simmer”

  1. I do need to guzzle that living water, not sip on it. Thank you Becky! With criticism rampant on social media these days, it is easy to have a poisoned well that we are not aware of.


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