Greater Grace

Bernard lee

But He gives more grace. Wherefore He says, God sets Himself against the proud, but gives grace to the lowly. James 4:6, other translations says the humble.

We should also read the previous verse, where it is being explained that spirit He placed in us is jealous or envious. Now, I was trying to have that in the right context because our spirits, even born again ones, have a free will and go the way of pride. And we can be jealous and envious.

But if God is a jealous God and He is, it is not the same as a sinful jealousy, just that He longs to be with us and that He wants us to know Him intimately. Since the Jews were still clinging to the law and not necessarily moving the Spirit, it is likely that is what the statement means. It is no less true of Christians today.

So the Holy Spirit in us can be be longing, even jealous or envious of us, in a good way, desiring the best God has for us and wanting to show us how to get there. He is the Spirit of truth. John 16:13.

But God sets Himself against the prideful. You can’t set yourself above Him.  I never have meant to do that, and I hope I haven’t. Admittedly, I thought I could pray for myself and I can, I have hated to ask for help, I hope that is not falling into this category or I will change that.  My mother mentioned that to me, about setting yourself above Him last night, she relayd in a better way, when we fail to agree with what He says about us, to believe Him, depending on our ways or thoughts more than His. I agreed, so I really can pray for myself, the Holy Spirit will, and it’s okay to ask for help. Realizing the power of His Spirit and His name isn’t pride.

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and He will exalt you. James 4:10, we should ready to acknowledge that is Him, and indeed it is He who heals, I have never like the term faith healer. He casts out the devil, though we operate in spiritual gifts, it is by His grace we can do nothing on our own.

So the Holy Spirit is longing for you to be humble, submissive to God’s will desiring His gifts and the ability to discern His voice. And when you do and when you are ready, He will give you more grace, greater grace. And we all need it. I have had to just walk away from things that threaten my love, joy and peace. Grace to deal, grace to heal, grace to rest.

So I think a New Year would be a great time to start operating in that gift of the Spirit, instead of saying, I will do this and this and that in the coming year, let Him rule and rest in your heart, with a burden and yoke that is easy and light as Jesus said and be humble, gentle and kind like Jesus.

And He will pour out grace, and more grace and favor, greater grace. Bless His holy name. Rebecca Jones / pexels


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