Grace For Every Need


I remember this song from the old hymnbook in the ’70’s, but I didn’t know what grace really was, I knew it got you saved. it was offered for sinners, and that was about it. If someone was teaching it I wasn’t hearing it.

I knew there were people who were like there but for the grace of God go I. I wasn’t homeless though I have yet to buy a home. I had food. I was never on the street with a tin cup and a sign. So I had grace toward me. I have know my share of trouble though.

Some people who really lived on the edge were staring hell in face, going in a proverbial hand basket. There was grace for them. Sometimes I wondered about that someone who got saved had led a wicked life, hurt his children, not abuse but by affairs. And he was saved by grace. I was there as he prayed a prayer, suffering with lung cancer. I cared about him, but I wondered at how easily the Lord forgives these sinners, I heard a whispering thought in my head, ” Would you rather I let him go to hell? ” Of course, my next thought was, ” No, of course not. ”

So I suppose I have extended grace to people more that I knew I had. Like I said I never thought of it any further than being saved but it is a lot more than that, It is like there is daily grace, morning , noon and night grace. For everything you do, are called to do or created for.

I wasn’t a morning person, getting up and going was enough, prayers came later in the day. I was busy, I was frantic and hurried trying to accomplish things. lose weight, asking Him to heal me, and let me write. I was always on the go, trying to catch up, not be considered lazy.

I found grace and peace in the grace of the night, I could dream what I wanted my life to be. That was not even as good as the Lord wanted it. He dreams were better dreams, bigger dreams, He is always thinking good thoughts toward us, something we aren’t for ourselves and others. We are just not that full of grace.

I have learned how to be a little more patient, though you might not believe that if you saw some of my days. I do believe in calling something wrong that is wrong and making sure it is known why it is unacceptable. Grace isn’t cheap, it cost Him everything.

I need Him to pour grace over me, all day and all night. Over the work I do, the people I pray for, over anything that comes my way, over the way I react, deal with it, over what I say, and over when I just need to be still and quiet and let Him be God. And even when there is bitterness and hate aimed at you just for loving the one who loves you.

And you know the last one is one that I am really working on. I don’t have to help Him, I can’t see people’s hearts but He can. He can let the Holy Spirit teach you who and what to avoid. He knows when grace is needed and when it is being trampled on. When to hold on to helping someone, when to let go.

So what do you need grace for today? Your children, marriage, career, or ministry? Something else? Whatever you need grace for, there is grace for every need. Rebecca Jones / pexels

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