Grace to Open the Windows of Heaven


In 2 Kings 7:19, an officer doubts Elisha’s word about the price of barley at the gate the next day in Samaria as a siege ends. He says it won’t happen even if the Lord opens the windows of heaven. Elisha says he will see it but not eat the bread. Even further back in the chapter, it mentions the man on whom the king’s arm rests, saying it. So apparently, the king did not believe it.

It is also a phrase concerning tithes, in Malachi. And the manna from heaven for those wandering the desert. It is in Isaiah 13:13, and again it is used in reference to the Flood.

While we picture windows, the actual Hebrew word is arrubah, meaning lattice, with the feminine connotation. But actually, it is more like a sluice gate. Ever see those old movies where they pan for gold and that water comes rushing down for them to pan through? Or perhaps someone in an old western has dammed up the water, and you see people remove a few planks so the water can flow, that will give you an idea.

Opening the gates of heaven is also an indication of the Spirit being poured out through praise and worship. The Holy Spirit being the river of living water flowing through us. Just as the gold is panned and sifted, to rid the dirt and debris, so is the Spirit moving on us to cleanse us. It really should be a prayer for everyday. It is better to be sifted by the Spirit than the enemy. Remember how he went after Peter?

Back in the old Bible days, the enemies would throw rocks into wells. Now, where were the sheep suppose to get water? The shepherd could lose a flock that way. There is a parallel to ministry. How many ministries have failed being a well with rocks inside? Jacob had to dig or rather redig wells, it is his well Jesus sits on to speak about the living water to the woman with five husbands. The point is the enemy seeks to cut off your water, hinder the move of the Spirit, in our lives, demons roam dry places.

So praise and worship are weapons to destroy that dam, And then there is the mention of tithes. If you tithe fine, if you don’t fine. I do think it is good to and to make offerings, but I do realize sometimes is is not possible and that doesn’t necessarily mean you lack faith. I think it should be prayed about.

In the Old testament, Abraham paid tithes to Melchizedek, a pre incarnate Christ. After the crucifixion, Jesus is still our High Priest, of our profession, but it is He pouring out the Spirit and spiritual gifts, and people who are blessed are cheerful givers. Now, I realize everyone may not see it that way. And it is fine if you disagree. Because, as I said I think tithing has a place. But it isn’t necessarily, making you a better Christian or a more spiritual one.

God did not withhold His only Son, and He has streets of gold. He freely gives and lavishes us with love. But you don’t give handfuls of money to a teen who is an addict or a gambler. He expects people to grow in Him, to learn to discern and to use wisdom.

If your rent is due or you will get thrown out of your home, pay your rent. God doesn’t need your tithes out of fear. Often people sow and name seeds, that is fine but some simply don’t have the means and lack understanding in these matters. I like to see people given the opportunity to sow, and I know ministry depends on giving, but there are other things to consider as well.

As to Mechizedek, the king of Salem, I have to add that commentaries may not agree that He is Jesus, and possibly he wasn’t, but I am inclined to believe so because I know Jesus was one the angels who visited Abraham and Sarah, and told her about Isaac. Let’s look at the fact that he is king of Salem, it makes us think of witches, but Salem is also akin to shaloam, peace.

In effect, the king of peace. And then he brought bread and wine to Abraham, and Jesus served Communion. And also there is no record of him, no mother, father or any record, unlike Aaron whose lineage is recorded along with all priests, records were kept. David prophesied that there would be a High Priest after the order of Melchizedek, whose name means king of righteousness, or justice.

As to Abraham and Old Testament characters paying tithes as compared to the New Testament, whichever you believe, that they are more toward the law or a matter of grace, Jesus will understand and it is for each of us to seek our own salvation and understanding.

But recall the father who gives the prodigal his inheritance, you don’t inherit unless someone dies. This boy literally wished his father dead, and yet was welcomed back in love and never gave him the chance to ask to be a servant, the father gave to him again, he restored him by grace, under the law, he could have had him stoned.

Isn’t this like our Father? Jesus died for us to inherit salvation and the benefits and blessings of it, Melchizedek did not. He accepted tithes and offerings, but Jesus was poured out as every kind of offering, so surely, He gives the power to get wealth to establish His covenant, He loves to give living water to the flock, and the windows of heaven are opened by His grace. Rebecca Jones / pexels

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