Autographed With Excellence and Grace

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I found this on Pinterest, but saw no one to credit for it. I loved the sentiment.  It made me think of my own writing and what I like to do and how I like to put my own personal touch on it, I’m proud of it in a good way. It all comes from the Lord and He gets the glory.

And then I thought of how God created us, each different and unique and special to Him even those who have yet to believe, and so much more those of us who love Him. He fashioned every eye color, skin tone, every eyelash was placed just so. Every dimple, every curve, even the little wrinkles from smiling.

He made the slight smiles, and large ones, the rosy cheeks and dimpled ones. The speckled and freckled, the redheads and blondes. Brunettes of all colors, the straight the curly, the frizzed and the bobbed and weaved. He had us all in mind. And He can count the strands, and even what is in the brush.

He allowed some to be tall and some small and heals lame and infirmed. He is not the one who cripples or blinds, Jesus took upon Himself flesh and brought us healing and love, Can we believe? And what He created, He designed with a perfect plan in mind, however, we don’t always follow the path.

Every person was made in His image Spirit, but has a soul and body. The Holy spirit renews the mind, and Jesus was God in the flesh. And He came to seek and save the lost, to heal and set free. He autographs us with excellence, with His name and grace is in His signature.

We may be in the process of spinning on the potter’s wheel, as Jeremiah witnessed or becoming His masterpiece,  Ephesians 2:10, though He sees us finished by His work. But we are His signature collection, He gave us all a measure of excellence if not what we call perfection, but His, dare we explore it.

What a wonderful thought that the same God who made blue skies, made my blue eyes, and my ears that hear the still, small,voice. The same God that made the grass green, makes me rest in those pastures confident of His finished work. The same God that makes us both unique and individual, loves us and lavishes us magnificently.

We are born and we grow and we are called by name and we are His, all a part of His amazing grace. He gave us grace and truth in Jesus, grace upon grace, one translation says gift upon gift. That is a nice thought, and all the spiritual gifts He adds over time, yes, we are signed by God, sealed by His Spirit and delivered by Jesus, sounds like a Valentine.

We are portraits of the creator, hanging in a heavenly corridor, and we are autographed with His excellence and grace Rebecca Jones / Bru- No pixabay


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