Saved By Grace


We are studying grace this month and we all have encountered it on so many levels. Grace is the unmerited and undeserved favor of God on our lives as a believer. It is a gift and a part of salvation, we are not to insult the Spirit of Grace. And I believe some people do it on a regular basis and some inadvertently.

I do believe Grace is the person of the Holy Spirit, the very essence of Jesus. He is with us to guide and protect us and we never even know it many times. His Spirit and His angels are at work behind the scenes, if only we ever learn to be still and notice the simple grace and goodness of God. Grace and truth are Jesus, Himself.

You missed and accident on the freeway, grace. Someone was robbed in your neighborhood, and then you see your door was tampered with, grace. You missed a cruise vacation, everyone on board had a virus, grace. You are not qualified for a position at work, four people are ahead of you for a promotion but you get the position and raise, grace. You meet a new friend at church and she lived just down the block and has children the same as as yours, grace.

The parking spot at the store, ( my mother ) the best waitress, the fastest service, the best price, a lot of these thing we don’t even notice as His grace. The buy one get one, to make your budget go further or to give a loaf of bread to neighbor’s who are struggling. The manager who gives you a free dinner because you noticed something was undercooked. And he actually came and thank me because had someone eaten it, there could have been a lot of sick people or lawsuits. All these are grace.

Sometimes, we are blessing others and sometimes they are blessing us. Grace works both was and grace is extended both ways. While we are not to advocate sin or willfully practice sin we are to be patient as people learn and grow. we are to  show and reflect His love. If we lift Jesus up, the Holy Spirit will draw them. And He will convict them, and we are not to judge except righteously. And He does not condemn.

It is by grace that we are saved. Ephesians 2:8,9. Nothing we did, everything He did for us. We are bought and paid for redeemed for the very pits and depths of hell. And we cost Him everything. So who do we brag on? Jesus, of course. He alone is worthy to be praised.

His grace is amazing, how often has He protected us unknowingly, ant the banks, the ATM’s on the road, freeways or in the air? Look back over your life or at least the past year. So many of us triumphed by His grace alone, when we were heavily attacked, so we knew, some we could not see, but His eyes were on His sparrows and His hand was there, the altogether lovely one was beside, and we were saved by grace. Rebecca Jones / pexels

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