Is Grace A Person?

Joanna Nix

Is grace a person? Before I answer, let’s consider another question, is God a person? The Bible makes it clear that He is a Spirit. And yet, God is love. So a Spirit is love. God is also a triune being, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I would also say He is person.

So you could say, in that order that they are mind, body and soul. Or even the description of a living soul, spirit, body and soul. The Father, the Creator, the Son, Jesus, the body, and the soul, the Holy Spirit, although I believe spirit and soul are connected in a person and the Holy Spirit teaches both. it is something to think about and not necessarily in any other way that what the Bible declares.

So, is grace a person. I believe so. Moses gave us the law, but who gave grace and truth? Jesus. So if God is love, Jesus is grace and amazing grace too. You just have to go back and study His life.

Jesus was a master of grace, He spoke His Father’s words, by the Spirit. A lot of people do not accept that there is a necessity to baptized in the Holy Spirit. Actually, Jesus received both at the same time which is what I recommend to new believers, to ask for both baptism and the baptism of the Holy Spirit which will be evidenced by speaking in tongues. Did Jesus? I don’t know for sure, perhaps. Well He groaned in a loud voice to raise Lazarus, the Holy Spirit helps us pray, Romans 8:26, and  it says with groanings.

Jesus was baptized by John, and the Holy Spirit came upon Him at the same time. Of course, Jesus walked in the Spirit without measure and we are all given a measure and must grow in grace. You will find later on that people are asked about the Holy Spirit and don’t know about Him, saying they were baptized with John’s baptism, then they receive the Spirit. He is a powerful gift. And I say He because, He, the Holy Spirit is also a person and can be hurt or grieved.

But back to Jesus. Jesus was grace personified. He knew when to speak, and kept His mouth shut. Something I have not mastered, Lord. He was never drawn into arguments, disappeared into crowds because some were angry enough to kill Him. I never thought of Jesus as a troublemaker, but He made trouble for the real troublemaker. Demons even asked if he had come to trouble them.

He knew how to be angry and not sin even cracking a whip at the money changers and overturning table. He does turn the tables on the enemy and the greedy. But notice He took the time to make the whip from cords, John 2:15. He showed restraint, not beating them as He would be beaten.

Jesus was grace because He was the epitome of calm, seeking the lonely or quiet places to pray. He often sought solace from the crowds and quarreling disciples and the self righteous. He told the devil where to go in a sense, by using the Word on Him. He was even able to tell the disciples he was coming and would not find anything in Him. Too often he does find a place in the lives of believers, we open too many doors sometimes, not submit to God and resisting Him, not discerning.

Let’s make it a point to look at Jesus’ life from the standpoint of grace. He showed it to women, healing them, delivering them, setting them free, loosening them. As well as all He healed or delivered, some would not believe.

And He even answered the critics well, those who questioned healing on the Sabbath. He knew the would get their mule out of the ditch, and even worse, some thought He was crazy, and even called Him, Beelzebub. His answer speaks volumes. Why would he divide his own house? Even the devil know the old divide and conquer.

Jesus came to seek and save, to give life abundantly, He gives us grace upon grace. John 1:16, but I read the Message version on a blogger friend’s sight at Christmas and I like it too. This is 1:16-18.

We all live off His generous bounty,
        gift after gift after gift.
    We got the basics from Moses,
        and then this exuberant giving and receiving,
    This endless knowing and understanding—
        all this came through Jesus, the Messiah.

Is grace a person? The intangibles are there to be touched by prayer and praise. Again, is grace a person? Yes, His name is Jesus. Rebecca Jones / Joanna Nix, thanks


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