A Still Christmas

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While we celebrate this month and go about our business and busyness, we must not forget to be still and know God.  We must remember His rest as we remember His birth and recall how the events of that night, that is sometimes called silent, forever shaped our lives. I wrote this earlier but decide it would be good for Christmas Eve.

It was probably not silent to begin with as people scurried to pay their taxes, Bethlehem was bedlam and full to the point of no room at the inn. No doubt, Joseph and mary were exhausted and may have worked their way through crowds or stood in line, even upon the donkey a young Mary  ” great with child ” was about to give birth. She would have to have a place to stay.

Perhaps the innkeeper’s wife noticed her and told him about the stable, or maybe even a worker, it was decided. And while we tend to think of it as sort of lean to or barn, many were like caves, which would have been warmer. Even mangers were carved from stone, though they probably filled it with hay.

They were at rest finally, able to stretch out and wait for the baby to come. As Joseph alid beside her, the shepherds had laid down in the fields watching over their flock by night. The darkness and silence of that holy night was broken as her water did and baby Jesus pushed from her womb into Joseph’s waiting blanket, she could have even been sitting in his lap as was the custom among midwives. And from behind or beside her he was able to help, and a small cry of life broke the stillness and silence and the glory overwhelmed them.

Outside the star that was the glory set ablaze the night and angels sang. the shepherds were startles and fell to their knees and were told not to fear. That day in the city of David, the Prince of Peace was born and His name is Wonderful and worthy of all praise. And what better way to celebrate that to take time to rest and reflect on a glorious occasion, that forever will celebrated by believers.

What better way to honor Him than to radiate His glory and accept His gift of peace? What better way to celebrate than to rejoice in our eternal and blessed hope, who came as a baby, sacrificed Himself as both God and man and is reigning as High Priest over us, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? To know Him as Jehovah Rapha, healer and Jehovah Shaloam, peace. God had many names and rolled them all in to Jesus.

For to us a child is born,
    to us a son is given,
    and the government will be on his shoulders.
And He will be called
    Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God,
    Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. Isaiah 9:6

It was a still Christmas, the little family fell asleep. It can be a still Christmas, and we can know Him as healer and God. Psalm 46:10, and it will still be Christmas, with singing and dinners and parties and gifts, just remember His gifts of the Spirit and that He remains the best gift ever, and may it be a peaceful Christmas with the gift of His promised peace. It is still Christmas and He is still Jesus, as we enjoy some silence in the night. Rebecca Jones / pixabay

A Christmas Kiss / Sunday Bonus


In case you are wondering, this is mistletoe. People hang it up and hope to steal a Christmas kiss beneath it. If you care to go back to July, I researched Christmas songs. Isn’t it funny how traditions come about, there is so much more meaning than we know, Jesus is the partridge in a pear tree, for instance.

Yule logs and even Christmas trees, are from pagan origins, and though there is a verse in the Bible that some would argue with to not have a Christmas tree, I see nothing wrong with celebrating with one. It is to remember His crucifixion, and mine decorated with children ( ornaments ) cherubs, crosses and crowns, even the colors are symbolic of His kingship, red, gold, purples. If you don’t want one that is your choice. Many Messianic believers do not have them.

The Catholic church did attempt to blend converts old ways into a more celebratory Christian belief, the right or wrong is not mine to judge. I am okay with a lot of things as far as that goes as long it as it not harmful or practicing the occult. It is wise to do some research and allow the Holy Spirit to discern for you.

British servants hung mistletoe and were often known to steal a kiss, as the couple plucked the berries for each kiss, an empty plant had no more power to command kisses and to refuse a kiss was said to be bad luck. I don’t believe in luck nor that a plant has the power to command kisses, as a fun thing, it is harmless. Don’t pluck or eat the berries. Jesus took the devil’s work and made it of no effect, just as the traditions of men can make His words of no effect. Those being attempts to keep the law when He offered grace.

Mistletoe is translated as dung stick, seriously. It is poison to people although it has medicinal qualities, and has been studied in cancer research. There are more traditions, dating back to druids and Norse mythology, it is said to bring good luck in December and ward off evil spirits probably that crazy guy that beats everybody instead of being kind like St. Nicholas, we know who that really represents, and there is no luck, only favor and grace. Jesus can give you those.

Jesus is all about love. He is the giver of love, He is the epitome of peace, and He came to earth to give us a kiss a peace. And we don’t have to wander around to find mistletoe hanging somewhere. It is right there, the breath of His Spirit that passes gently over our lips, as we speak His name or sing His praise, as we offer a prayer, or ask in His name.

He doesn’t have to steal a kiss or a heart, when we are willing to give it to Him. He fills our souls with so much joy and everlasting love from the beloved Prince of Peace. Why not step aside with Him everyday and let Him be the lifter of our head, and bless us with the words of love He has for us, the gentle hand of mercy, the tenderness of a touch that loosens all the pain and shame for us as believers we are His and He calls our name. Step  aside mistletoe or not, Christmas everyday with Jesus, and let Him bless you as you whisper His name in prayer, and receive a kiss of peace. A Christmas kiss. Rebecca Jones / pixabay

Christmas Grace


Last year my whole December was about rest, it has been an important part of my faith for a long time now, just knowing Jesus is in control and will keep His promises. I was rereading them and I hope you will.

Before we move into Jesus in January, which is a month of grace. Let’s talk about Christmas grace. He has been patient while it has emerged, the season that was at first only Hanukkah, became known as Christmas, the traditions, the legends, the lore and myths, superstitions.

He extended grace, as pagans were brought into the fold, some of their celebrations were toned down, now we could just enjoy another log on the fireplace without the yuletide practices. It was acceptable to have a tree, not to worship but to decorate in adoration of Him. Mistletoe was for fun and a kiss, not the superstition. He extended grace.

How reindeer ever came about flying Santa Claus, has been added to over the ages. But the real St. Nicholas was minister, who operated in spiritual gifts, who returned a kidnapped young man to his mother who prayed, and often threw bags of money down chimneys to keep girls from being married off to save their families from poverty. That is true, and since some of the girls dried their stockings, the money fell in. Probably not while the fire was going and probably not hung, but the story stuck. He extended grace.

So between the movies and the candlelight services, the carols and the gifts. Where is Jesus? Is He the reason for the season? Or has He become commercialized with the holiday? Is He just something the we do along with the falalalala? He extends grace.

Is He a babe in a manger or a risen Lord of our lives, is the an object on an ornament or the center of the manger scene or is He met with respect, the object of our adoration and worship? Do we sing about Him or to Him? Do we live for what we get at Christmas or do we live for Christ?

If He knocked at our door would we invite Him in or be ashamed knowing we were not preparing Him room? If He looked into the glass darkly, and saw our celebration would it reflect Him at all? Jesus is not a motion we go through or even an emotion, He is the Spirit of Christmas, He is Christ, the Anointed One.  Still, He extends grace.

If His chariot landed on our roof and He dropped a gift in the chimney would we accept that? He gave up heaven and was crucified, He allowed His soul to be dropped into the fires of hell to take back it’s keys. Have we accepted that? Do we even acknowledge that? Or celebrate that? More grace.

Christmas is about love, joy and peace. It is for giving and sharing but it is all about Jesus and for Jesus who loves us so, and that while we  we sinners He died for us, and while we are believers He lives for us and in us, and He is our Christmas Grace. Rebecca Jones / Enrico Carcasci, Unsplash, thanks.


Wrapped In Love

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I don’t know about you but wrapping was never my best gift. Oh, I tried to get the ends all perfect, but they would often be too thick, too short or too long. Something would not fit or have to be sideways.

I had cute wrapping paper, I really did. You know how the schools sell stuff, and how can I resist the girl coming door to door, even if it is like double the price. And angel paper, oh yes, adorable. I did all the gold bows, silver, reds, purples, and blues. I matched tags, I even did my best at making curly ribbon. I know, you crafty people are laughing by now. Okay, so I never had a job at the mall wrapping gifts, you should be happy about that.

Eventually, out of necessity, not just laziness, I opted for the bags and tissue papers. There are cute ones. And you can recycle them, some will work for Valentine’s Day. You can even spray a little perfume on the tissue paper. No wonder this girl is dancing through the mall.

Seriously though, there are people who give gifts without thought, some are just hurry and shop, or an afterthought. Some people haven’t a clue. And people are insistent on the ugly sweater or gag gifts. some of which are wrapped in spectacular paper, or in a large box only to be last year’s fruitcake or worse. Sorry, I apologize if you like or bake fruitcakes, yours is probably great. You know the hard , frozen, store bought ones that are like a brick.

Sometimes, at parties or even church, this is the way gifts are exchanged. Good gifts may be in ugly paper or newspaper, and the bad ones, decorative. The saying is that good things come in small packages, and that can be true. But God’s gifts are all good and perfect and come in all shapes and sizes.

Why can’t we make an effort to be more like Jesus and do as our Father asks, all year, but especially at Christmas? Which of you, if his son asks for bread, will give him a stone? Or if he asks for a fish, will give him a snake? So if you who are evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good things to those who ask Him!…Matthew 7:9-11 So much for gag gifts. And God has a sense of humor, but He loves us too much to hurt us with horrible gifts.

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. James 1:17, and He never takes back His gifts, and we shouldn’t want to return them either. But many of us are still not walking in or making use of our God given gifts, maybe we have been afraid to unwrap them, expecting a gag gift, a cracked coffee mug or a snowball that will melt. Think again, He gives good gifts.

And His gifts are in the physical realm as well as spiritual. He will supply needs and give spiritual gifts. So let’s be receptive and giving this year. The best gift we can give Him is to walk as His children full of His light. An His love, joy and peace. Don’t give someone a rotten fruit basket, but a fruit of the Spirit basket. And let’s make our Heavenly Father proud of His children. He is keeping a list too, and He knows when you are sleeping and awake, Psalm 39, and if you have been bad or good. This list is much more important, we want to know Jesus and rejoice that our name is in the Book of Life.

Go ahead, exchange gifts, but make them good ones, dance through the mall, with your shopping bags or go right ahead and wrap them beautifully. Put them in pretty packages and papers and wrap them up with ribbons. Just make sure they are like God’s, wrapped in love. Rebecca Jones / Viktor at Picjumbo, thank you.

Is Christmas Under Attack?

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May He give us the gift of our good memories and wash away the pain, we must never feel guilty about celebrating Christmas or Jesus though, even if you can’t Deck The Halls and Rock Around the Christmas Tree, Enjoy the Silent and Holy Night, And Always Adore Him.

I wrote this prayer on a blog about grief at Christmas, this lady had had three deaths in her family near Christmas in different years, then a college friend another time and a dog. They were ready to scrap Christmas, but she went on to write about how He gave us eternal life, and that it starts at salvation.

A lot of people might not think so, but John 3:16 says so. eternal life doesn’t begin when you pass on, just your eternity. My family is no different and maybe, yours isn’t either. We have all had years when colds, flus and bronchitis hang on through the holidays. You can’t even enjoy the taste of food.

I broke an ankle one year on my birthday, the 5th. More recently, I took a hard fall in the bathroom and could not walk for three days, that took a lot of prayer. My great grandmother was hit by a car in the 1930’s.  A great uncle, who was a baby during the Civil War, went to pray in tongues for her and said she’d be alright and she was, she was able to walk. She died in December, a bleak Christmas for my ten year old mother in the 50’s.

I have had two people I know with deaths in the family within the past ten days. But on a better note my mother has turned 75 on the 20th, and I was 57 on the 5th.  But we both almost died when I was born in December. So is Christmas under attack? You bet it is, I have prayed for people with severe pain, cancer patients, one young mother in the hospital right now. I prayed for a man who just wants to live through Christmas, to have one more with his family. And then there is Jessie, a young missionary, who contracted malaria and is suffering the hospital, with numerous complications, doctors are giving up, not me. One young mother having fought cancer on three occasions rushed back to the emergency room two nights ago. What about her children? And what about the children in the hospital? Good people try to make the most of it, but it is not the same as being home.

Yes, it is under attack but not just commercially. It is spiritually. The enemy goes after the celebration of Christ. There are particular seasons when demonic activity is high. Groundhog day and Hitler’s birthday fall into these times. Christmas is apparently up for grabs or so the enemy thinks, he’s been a defeated foe for a long time now.

If the birth of Christ wasn’t enough to doom him, His crucifixion surely was. So as we celebrate let us remember His ultimate sacrifice, and while death or grief may have come into our lives, we know the source of life, eternal life and love and we can keep our good memories and keep Christ alive in Christmas.

He does not want us to grieve, or rather continue in grief, nor to grieve Him or the Father or Spirit but prepare Him room in our hearts so that in spite of the enemies attempt to attack or even destroy Christmas, He never will, He will never defeat or destroy Christ, but Christ already has him, and one day we will see that in a forever end when He comes to wipe the tears.

On a personal note, let me assure you the enemy works in cycles and seasons in an attempt to copy Jesus. So don’t be surprised at things cropping up on days that are either special to you or the anniversary of something. Let’s just plead His blood and cancel assignments, and ask Him to charge angels on our behalf, while we rest and have a peaceful Christmas. We want God to get have glory, and He will. Rebecca Jones / pexels.


A Peace of Christmas

While we get into the holiday spirit, we must not forget the Holy Spirit in us. And last year I wrote about His rest, it’s still a great topic and an everyday ongoing and essential part of our salvation if we are to overcome, And so is His peace. A Christmas peace.

And why not, don’t we sing, ” Hail, the newborn prince of peace, hail the Son of righteousness. ” ? Jesus is all that wrapped in swaddling clothes in a manger. He is all that wrapped in linen in a tomb. He is all that risen and coming again. Many like to speculate about the rapture or catching away of the church, I know some don’t believe but that is not the point. His timing is His, and the Father’s what a wonderful gift, should He return at Christmas. Of course, I don’t know.

But what I do know is that His Spirit is moving and the importance of His rest, the teaching of His grace and just the outpouring of His love and gifts are evident, and there is a huge sense of the impressing on the hearts of believers, at least for me, that He left us His peace, John 14:27.

It also says our hearts are not to be worried, nor afraid. Jesus means what He says. I catch myself starting to worry or get into fear and I find myself drifting back to that. Jesus is the person to turn to not run away from and His Christmas Spirit is in us and with us, to rejoice  with us and to quiet us with love. Zephaniah 3:17.

In Isaiah 9:6,  one of His names is the Prince of Peace, now what better gift to have at Christmas and keep all year round than the peace of Heaven’s own Prince? And you can ask for it, though He already left it. Under a different sort of tree, purchasing and redeeming souls with His own blood, He made us righteous, offered us grace and forgiveness, eternal life, and most likely as He ascended to heaven, His peace.

Peace is not the absence of war or conflict, until He reigns it will be there, but in us, He sent the Comforter, to teach and intercede and be our advocate. He is the essence of Jesus. He relays what He hears from Jesus and the Father. His Spirit communicates with ours, if we follow and remain in love. He is our peace. Micah 5:5, Ephesians 2:14, takes it farther, He, Himself is our peace.

Can you think of  a better gift? Not money, vacations, diamonds. Nothing compares to what Jesus did, nothing satisfies our hunger and thirst for love like His living water and the bread of life born in Bethlehem, meaning the house of bread. No, nothing.

He died to make us worthy of His peace, and many other gifts. He was the most important gift we will ever receive, have you received Jesus, if not Christmas is a good time to invite Him into your heart. He keeps His promise and that promise is eternal life, and that promise is peace if our minds are stayed or focused on Him. Isaiah 26:3

While a newborn babe received gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to show His kingship, His sacrifice and His suffering and taking our sins and pains. Isaiah 53. Our gift was that little bundle of joy, and He is our joy also, that precious baby, who was the precious Son of God who came to die.

And what better gift to have anytime, but especially at Christmas, literally, a piece of piece of His own heart of love. a Christmas peace, and peace of Christmas. Rebecca Jones / Pete Bellis, Unsplash Thank you.

Last Minute Gifts

While I like to prepare for things I know there are last minute shoppers. Some are looking for deals and steals, others just don’t like to shop. Maybe, they are guys, I have seen a lot of pictures of them sleeping at the mall while their wives shop. Why not just stay home? Wives are pretty good with shopping bags.

Some people don’t know what to buy. You know, the person with everything, or the one who wants something super expensive. Get the boss a gift certificate and hope you get a bonus. Then there are teacher gifts, Christmas can add up. And people will charge! And then regret it.

And you know people who return stuff, even if they wear it once. They had rather have the cash. I did that once because I got three jewelry boxes. And it wasn’t a lot. I have kept shirts that were too big. I did have a girl call me from the mall to ask the size, but I had much rather her have slowed down, she could run you ragged, glad I didn’t have to shop with her.

I have others who did that, it was like a marathon to keep up. I like to look around, get a drink or lunch, a waffle cone cookies or something. I have all day. Not a half hour lunch break, and I could be lost in the book store. Maybe, some people wouldn’t want to shop with me, that’s okay. I can have fun anyway.

I have shopped online and that is good when you are busy and yes, there are deals. I like the idea of ordering groceries, though I have fun at the supermarket too. I love looking at the red delicious apples and the grapes.  And I have to have some coke zero, I like looking through the bakery and finding all the cans to stock up on.

But real gifts are ones that someone would want, it does pay to observe and investigate. Become an amateur sleuth, if they have children, pizza gift cards are appreciated. Phone minutes, perhaps. Journals and coloring books are popular among adults. Do they wear a certain fragrance, frequent a particular restaurant? Would they like a centerpiece delivered to their home of just flowers to the office?

Do they collect anything in particular? Have a favorite sports team? Or attend a college that has attire? What about tickets, ballet, theater or movie? There are endless possibilities when it comes to gift giving. And it is the same way with the Lord, He has blessed us in so many ways.

There are still needs and wants in our lives. We may not write letters and mail then to the North Pole anymore, but we can pour out our hearts in prayer. I read that a woman’s son was in the hospital. Even a friend was not responding to her updates, people do go on with their lives, they have too, and still she was hurt. Another one told her to get on her knees and beg Jesus to heal Him.

I told her not to do that. We are to go boldly to the throne. Hebrews 4:12 We are His children as believers and He as promised that if we remain in Him and His words in us, He will do as we ask. I know there are whiny, begging children who ask the impossible, ice cream three times a day or staying up late on school nights. That’s a different story.

But believers in need, and in His love, He is not holding out or back on us. He loves us. But are we too wrapped up with our own last minute gifts, or will we see what the Father has for us. Every good and perfect gift comes from Him. 1 Timothy 1:7. So how about it, last minute gifts can wait. Can’t they?

Let’s believe and see what a loving father holds in hand for us? You don’t need a stocking, or cute paper or even a glittery shopping bag with tissue paper. It is a gift of the Spirit, healing, deliverance, love? A fresh anointing? A flame that is rekindled?  A burst of joy where it has been lacking, you can think of something, so ask that joy will be full of God’s last minute gifts. Rebecca Jones / pexels

My Father’s House At Christmas

We used to sing a children’s song called My Father’s House, “Come and go with me to my Father’s house, where there’s joy, joy, joy. ” and of course, Jesus is the way to my Father’s house. I’ve been singing with children off and on since I was seventeen. And of course, there were always Christmas songs, we went from What a Mighty God Serve right on through to O Holy Night.

I did a little rewriting on this post for Christmas. A lot of people attend church only on the holidays, but even if you are a Sunday regular, he desires His house to be your house. A place of worship, not the proverbial den of thieves Jesus spoke of. Our hearts and homes should reflect our Father’s love. How sad, at Christmas or any other time that our Heavenly Father’s love is not always felt in the homes of believers.

I was thinking of the song about over the river and through the woods, if the horse knows the way, shouldn’t we? Or are we back to james and having a bridle and bit. Even if you fill you home with gifts and cheer once a year and it isempty an hollow with arguments and strife the rest of the time, what does that  say about how we are receiving God’s love.

We, as human beings project our earthly fathers onto God. Sometimes we await the punishment or shaming. Or we expect Him to not keep His words, we just don’t measure up or fit in. We can’t live up to His standards or what He wanted for us. He just doesn’t love us like so and so. God is not like that. Though He despises foolishness and sin, He gave us His Son, what kind of love is that. If that is not good enough for you, there is nothing else. And no we didn’t deserve it, and are not worthy, on Jesus makes us so. He even prayed for God to love us as much as Him, an I know He was crucified,, but we were with Him, and our new life is in HIm.

We really should be teaching little ones about a heavenly Father, who loves them. So many children are fatherless or worse have too many who are not fathers, but ” uncles ”  or boyfriends who come and go. In many instances, even the past some have had a real family member step in, and sometimes  it is the mother taking the role of both father and mother. But with His help she can do it.

And so often we as believers and adults forget that we too, are His children. He expects us to share and be able to follow directions, not have a tantrum and be yelling ” mine “.  He really does see us as His children, John refers to believers many times in that vernacular.

He both loves and disciplines children, but expects them to be on their best behavior and not just at church, We are to have childlike faith, know what we ask, He will do. But we should also be grown up and mature enough to wait for His timing. We need to tell children about their Father in heaven who gave us the gift of His Son Jesus. Ask them what they think Christmas at the Father’s house would look like.

Teach them about love, joy and peace, the fruits of the Spirit. Even giving a tangible gift of fruit to help. They need to know about presence not just presents. I recently explained that getting gifts is not just  wishing and circling a catalogue that and Santa decides. I mentioned the naughty list and also said what about Jesus? He heard that commotion last night.

Jesus promised in John 14 that when He went away, He was going to prepare a place for us. Heaven must have already been filled with homes awaiting those He brought from Paradise. He went to oversee building more for those who would become heirs of salvation. I once wrote my own idea of heaven at Christmas, what a glorious event it must be.

I once read a book of a woman who had visions of heaven as she was in and out of a coma, she survived, and later wrote about seeing wonderful buildings and glass floors with inlaid roses. I would like that. She even remembered a dog she saw there, it had died saving a child. Now, I am careful about what I read and believe, but I am open minded as long as it lines with His Word. Jesus, is the only way to the Father.

You may learn from many areas, try different religions, but ultimately, He is the way and truth and life. No one gets to the Father but by Him. We have access through Him, His very flesh rent like the veil in the temple, the only one worthy to open the book of life.

Heaven will be full of joys unspeakable and full of glory, for this book also spoke of many people going in and out of places. It was if heaven was on a barter system with no money, you could trade with others like in a marketplace. There were no hospitals, and I think there would be schools and libraries, because a lot of us still have much to learn.

I have heard of others dreaming of seeing grandparents on porches, if that’s what you want you can have a quiet country home. I would suppose you could have an apartment high rise. The English cottage or manor house, a palatial estate like Old Hollywood. There are endless possibilities with God.

The light of the Son will make night obsolete, but I believe there will still be rest. And I believe that it’s something we need to be enjoying now in order to enjoy heaven. Hebrews 4 talks about rest, those who wandered in the desert did not enter it. So today if you don’t know about the Father who gave His Son for you, come and go with me to my Father’s house, where there is joy. Just believe that He gave His Son Jesus to die for you and believe He is Lord and was raised from the dead, believe in His name and be saved.

And if you are a believer but are heavy laden and weary, He would give you rest. He wants you to receive rest and be ready to enjoy heaven. You will learn about God the Father, and His gift of Jesus, as you are taught and led by the Holy Spirit. All three are God, the Holy Trinity. We as children should learn this as should real children, by being quiet and still they too can rest in Him and you can rest as well, a little music never hurts.

Being still and silent will draw you to His side, and prayer and faith will open your heart to get to know Him, God the Father loves you. He wants you to know that. You can come to Him anytime from anywhere in the world. He will deck the halls of heaven and hark the herald angels will sing. And I invite you to come and go with me to my Father’s house, where there is joy, joy, joy. Rebecca Jones / pexels

Latter Glory

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When the angels appeared to the shepherds, the glory of the Lord shone around them and they were afraid, but the angels said not to fear. I believe that star over Bethlehem was the glory of God directing the wise men, and you know it still does. And angels are still singing and whispering not to be afraid.

While reading about Him pouring out His Spirit on all flesh, and it being referred to a s the former and latter rain. I have to believe to that the Holy Spirit and angels travel in that realm of glory, and that He intends to send a latter glory, just as there has been a former one.

We have heard so often about falling short of His glory. Romans 3:23. And we do, everyday, but we are also saved by His grace and next month I will do a whole series on His rich, abounding and  amazing grace. I am way ahead on this, so that I can help us receive, and hopefully, the glory.

That is why when we are undeserving, He generously allows us to step back toward His glory, we can bask in it, soak in it, bathe in it or rather let it cleanse us. And we can rest in it, the fact that no matter how many times we mess us up as believers, He covers us with His feathers and forgives, and we can rest in the glory.

If the days of the law and that ministry, caused many to be saved, how much more should the ministry of the Spirit cause to accept and walk in His grace and glory. Jesus fulfilled all the law and all the prophets, and He gave the commandment to love Him and each other, so we don’t have to strive to be good enough.

He took our place and gave us His righteousness, and that is the only way anyone would be good enough to get into heaven, much less walk in any measure of grace or glory. The Lord is gracious and loving and greatly to be praised.

So as we light up our lives this season, with candles and bulbs and decorations, and drive around the neighborhood to see the displays of light or perhaps enjoy Christmas fireworks. And while we watch parades and trees being lit. Let’s remember that our lives are a gift from God and we must use them for His glory. And He will return one day, and may be preparing to soon, and we want His latter glory. Rebecca Jones / Jill111 pixabay

Call The Light


God spoke and the light was. He sent Jesus and He was the Word, and He was and is the light. He was even in Jerusalem and called Himself the Light of of the World and Hanukkah is the season we are in right now. That was the celebration of lights. The time the Jews remembered when the oil was miraculously supplied during the time of the Maccabees.

He called us the light, we are to be the light of the world until He returns. He tells the parable of light a lamp and putting under the bushel, why would anyone do that? We all heard the every light in the house on, phrase as child. Have we been frightened about having our lights on? Much less leaving them on? Did that carry over to a spiritual sense?

Our Heavenly Father wants us to call the light. To leave that light on, a heart light, a love light, a night light. Ephesians 5:8 teaches us that we were once in darkness, His light and love pierced a heart that was in darkness and without salvation, and now we can have no fear and rest in that light, even in the darkness of night.

Arise, shine; for your light has come, And the glory of the LORD has risen upon you. Isaiah 60: 1 There are so many wonderful verses about light. And we are told be children of light. Christmas is a wonderful time of year, with all the decorations and lights, all the sparkle and shine, the extraordinary ornaments and rows of shimmering lights that glitter above the cities and towns.

Shouldn’t we also then shine and be set above as the Lord intended? Not hiding under our bushel basket. Just as God called light forth, so can we by calling Jesus into our lives. Into every area of it. And He separated the darkness, but in the beginning it was still good and it can be now. He even hung the stars and moon to light it.

The darkness we want to avoid is that of doubt, unbelief, anything that would threaten or steal His best from us. It is the darkness of depression and mental illness, which is why we have to have renewed minds in Christ, it is even the longsuffering of disease or the role of caregiver without enough rest. And it is heartache and heartbreak. The dark imitates the light but is not the light. The Holy Spirit will help you discern and not be deceived.

So as we celebrate the Festival of Lights, and the day set aside for the birth of Christ. Let us call the light of His love forth in our songs and prayers, and let’s not hide the fact that we are called out, our faces should shine with glory, as children of light. Be the light and call it out of ourselves and others like the Father did. Rebecca Jones / pexels