Will 2019 Turn Back Time?


Will 2019 turn back time? What is on the horizon for our New Year? We have finished up our holidays and are ready to start making resolutions, right? Wrong! I stopped doing that a long time ago, I never kept many of them anyway. As a believer, I opted for praying in my New Year. In the south many churches will have all night services, I never made it through that. Still, I was resolute to be on my knees, and I hope to again this year. I am truly grateful for all I have overcome by His grace.

The idea of turning back time is more than a wish, the adage of, ” If I knew then what I know now. ” Would any of us really do anything different or we would we, faced with the same obstacles make the same choices? Either, good or bad? We often hear that, ” If  I were so and so I would….” but actually if you were them you would be doing just what they do.

Remember, the parable of the rich man and Lazarus the beggar? The rich man is in hell, the beggar in paradise, when he asks for just a drop of water, and could he not tell his brothers not to come here. The answer was no to both. The brothers had heard the prophets. Today, it is heaven and hell after Jesus was crucified. And we have a choice don’t we?

People have heard the gospel in most places, and even by revelation and dreams have many been touched in places ministers and Bibles are not allowed. Intercession has played a part in that, and we should continue to pray. Even if they never hear it from ministry, they can hear the Holy Spirit.

Jesus is coming back. When? We cannot say. But there are signs. So are we ready to turn back time? Make necessary changes in our lives to be ready for Him, to live as if were coming today? Would we not want our house in order, free of strife and worry and our hearts not troubled? Wouldn’t we want to be walking in the fruit of the Spirit, to be a light in the world? Wouldn’t we want Him to be pleased with us? To find us doing His will, obedient, freely receiving and giving His grace.

Would not the wrinkles and age wash from our faces in the presence of the glorious and triumphant Prince of Peace? Would we not be saturated with and radiate His glory? Our youth would be renewed, we could walk and run and not grow tired or weary. No more sickness, sorrow or death, for believers. Forever young in face of eternity with our Savior. Isn’t that something to hope for, more than a wish, not a mere fantasy, but a focus on the one who loved us enough to take our place and die so that we might live? You do not want to be unbelieving and stand before Him.

I often read that repentance is not when you cry but when you change. I have many cry and not change, and I know what it is to be heartbroken by His act of love toward me, my tears are very real, I stand and kneel in awe of Him, in His presence, there is peace, in His presence there is joy and in His presence, there is love. And heaven is a place of rest, that is why we must seek His Sabbath rest now to be ready for heaven. He finished it.

He is coming to wipe away all tears. But why are we crying? Over our own selves and our shame? Or because now we see Him face to face, we find ourselves looking on the one who was pierced? Is it mourning for Him or ourselves? Because reflect His presence well or wished we had done better? There will be many tears.

I have often wished I could have done things different, felt like I did not have enough faith.  I regretted allowing fear to be something I had to war against. I have recounted time and again, and wondered how I had lost so much track of time, trying to be who had already made me to be?

We can’t go back or can we? Faith moves mountains, hope anchors faith and love never fails, His love, even if ours does. Jesus does not! Cannot and will not! Are we ready for Him to roar over us one last time and be the King of kings and Lord of lords? If we could turn back time, as the song says could we or would we be able to take back all the hurts? I believe only Jesus can do that. He is the only one worthy, as we study His amazing grace, that He gave us to make us righteous and to free us from fear, let us look forward and not back.

It is He who orders our steps, has chosen us, guards our hearts and minds. He made the sun stand still, reversed a sundial, and Jesus alone, holds eternity in His hand at the request of the Father, and He alone can turn back time. Rebecca Jones / fotografierende, pexels, thank you.

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