New Year of Grace / Sunday Bonus


While we may or may not be attending a New Year’s gala or costume party, we have all hidden our faces in some way last year and throughout or lives. We have fallen for a lot of the the enemy’s old tricks and subtle lies. And we have been under attack. This was a Christmas past with an air of sadness at so much loss, and it continued over the weekend, I prayed for so many people.

Jesus wants our light to shine and not be hidden under a bushel. He was crucified on a cross of shame for us and we, as believers, should enter a New Year of His grace and favor. Our study for January is just that, grace. Or as I put it, Jesus in January, Grace. I was also encourage every believer to be the light this year. He has already paid the price for us so let’s shine in Him so they enemy doesn’t have a chance.

Many people choose a word for the year, I have done that. What have you chosen? I love words so much that I could use  a different one everyday. I used to get those word for the day calendars. Grace is what we will start the year with. And it is what we will finish with, I’m sure, whether or not the Lord returns is not for me to say, but there is a lot going on in the spiritual horizon.

Grace is a good word word, God undeserved favor. Peace has been super strong on my heart for months. John 14:27, His peace. Rest is definitely a good word, I have had to learn that and end up coming back to it. Joy is something I had to as Him to restore, the joy of His salvation, not mine, you know I was reading that wrong.

It is always a good idea to read Psalms and Proverbs and even reading Revelation promises a blessing. I always settle down in the book of John myself, it never fails to comfort me.

Whether your word is prosper or praise, deliverance or desire, grace will flow along with it. If it is hope or healing, grace is there. Is it miracle or mercy? Again there is grace. Time is a good word also, as we go out with the old and ring in the new. Time is something God can redeem, no matter the loss. Even the loved ones will be seen again.

How are we going to spend our time? Wisely, walking with the wise or foolish letting our oil run out? Time is something we never have enough of or too much on our hands would describe some I suppose, we don’t need to be lazy, just in rest in His finished work.

We don’t want to waste precious time in fear and worry. There is so much more to life and life more abundantly. Now there are a couple of words to consider. Ionos Zoe, the eternal life of God. In the scheme of things do some of our worries really matter? Focus is good, Hebrews 12:2. If we can focus on Him and not us we are so much better off.

Spirit, soul, vibrant, alive, overjoyed, excited, beloved, freedom, crowned, called, beautiful, promises, precious, heaven, peaceful, hopeful and and grateful. So many words to use and choose, one for the year of everyday, and yes there is a verse for most all of them, I want to lift words and hands of praise to Him as I have overcome so much. And I want to lift His name one High and sing of His love forever.

And wherever He leads us, may we follow the precious lamb of God, there is always grace in time of need. He is on the throne and we can boldly go there by grace, and this will be a New Year of grace. Rebecca Jones / pexels

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