Exchanging Presence


I have to be honest, I thought Christmas was past and I was working on new blog posts, but the Holy Spirit inspired this one this morning as I begin my series on grace in the New Year.

While there is always a straggler or two, people who were out of town or for some reason, even after Christmas, we sometimes still exchange gifts. What we need to exchange though are spiritual gifts, you give me love and I give you peace, we can you know through prayer, praise and sharing the impartation of the Holy Spirit. We exchange or presents, or even our presence for His.

Jesus took our place and it is for us to receive that gift of grace in our salvation and to share it. He wants us to be His light in 2019. And for us to be His, He has to be ours. God, the Father of lights gives good gifts.

There is no way I would even like to envision the malls, I used to love to go and shop the after Christmas sales, it is how we have acquired some wonderful decorations, and even got a start on next years gifts at times, you can always pick up something to hold for a birthday or Valentine’s even, but the worst thing is the people exchanging things.

Now, I know it isn’t everyone. And there are legitimate reasons, but you get those who just want the cash, who wore it once and brought it back, especially the nice Christmas dresses and the one’s for girls.

I suppose  the worst instance i saw was a woman returning a $6 ornament, only now at 75% off, they were offering her a $1.50. This woman was livid and told the cashier to keep it and left. I have counted change out to buy my lunch before, I have seen my share of wanting things even know the Lord, the enemy would steal blessings but to pitch a fit in a store over a silly little ball with a college emblem. It’s not worth the money.

But believe me, God’s gift are the one we don’t ever want to exchange, settle for less or under appreciate. They cost Him His beloved Son. These gifts are worth fighting for, clinging to and hanging onto, and it’s not God withholding them, but an enemy who would steal, The devil is the original porch pirate, but he is under surveillance by God and a host of angels.

We must however, exchange the presence of whatever our circumstances are for His presence, His peaceful presence in the Spirit. And we don’t even have to fight as it says in Exodus 14:14, we can just be still, and let Him fight for us.

The devil offers sin, death, destruction, exchange it for life and life more abundantly. Jesus really did bear our sicknesses, exchange them for health. Isaiah 53. He exchanged condemnation for grace and that is why I am doing that in January.

We, as believers, should not be under condemnation, Romans 8:1. We are still carrying packages around, like a pack on our backs but it a heavy load of baggage. Dump it off at the lost and found, your condemnation will be lost when His grace is found.

It may be coming up on New Year’s Eve, I hope you will pray 2019 in with me. And let invite Jesus and keep celebrating grace and peace, abundantly life in Him. So go ahead, exchange presence. Rebecca Jones / Daria Shevtsova, pexels, thanks.

2 thoughts on “Exchanging Presence”

  1. Very inspirational. The Devil is the original porch pirate. So true. He will steal anything. Look forward to your series on Grace if you’re sharing it on your blog. Have a Happy 2019.


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