A Miracle in the Making


What makes miracles happen? We have talked about that a lot last year. Faith, hope or love, so of all. I think miracles are mostly love, and they happen at various times. God calls them moedim, or appointed times.

I have to be honest, I wanted to bargain with Him, I practically begged when I was in pain. But we are to go boldly before the throne of grace, we are daughters not beggars, I had a lot to learn about a lot of things. How to be bold without be bawdy or brawling, angering others with your faith can happen, even if you are right,  some will not listen, I and so glad He does, but we have to listen also in His quiet and His rest, that is where His peace is. John 14:27.

I have never been into astrology, but I did study astronomy and God created the stars for signs ands seasons, it was a calendar or sorts until Nimrod corrupted it, and there has been a lot of false teaching since.

That’s why I don’t like the term faith healer, it has been portrayed on many shows with a charlatan quality. Someone is always plotting to  steal the money or scam someone. But true healing comes from God and the anointing on a person’s life and ministry. No one I know would do that without love, certainly not to be greedy, even though they may write books or make money. The enemy attacks God’s people but we have a greater God.

So, in a way, we are are all miracles from God’s perspective, just because He created us and loved us and because He sent His Son to redeem us. We cost a lot, and we are His masterpieces, Ephesians 2:10.

He works on us, by His Word, His Spirit, and yes, there is healing and there are miracles. But the truest of miracles is just His pure and holy love poured out by grace, though He can heal and deliver at any time, there are certain times, remember how the angel stirred the pool at Bethsaida, that was a mikvah bath at the temple.

It was good thing that Jesus showed up and He will, al we have to to is call Him, call the light and love and healing. I believe one of His times is coming just before His return. So let’s be living and enjoying the healing He pours into our lives by grace, whether it is through the Word, the anointing, or yet to happen, by our words and His and the fact He keeps His promises, we are all, if only we can believe, we are miracles in the making. Rebecca Jones / Valerie Elash / Unsplash

Faith on Fire | lylidunbar.com

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