The Spirit of Peace


Are you ready to take down lights, just be sure to keep the light of the world up and shining. Christmas should be all about peace. I hope yours was, mine was fairly quiet. But not without a few differences of opinion as usual. After all the Prince of Peace was born and laid in a manger. But we can’t for a moment believe that ends all the holiday hoopla, the family quarrels and the who gets what, can we? People are not always receptive, not always respectful. And some people will just remain willfully ignorant of His sacrifice and gifts. If His love doesn’t change them nothing will.

Like children who expected everything on list in spite of their behavior, believers will often behave in the same manner. The enemy works overtime around the holidays sowing bitterness, anger and unforgiveness. And loneliness, despair and depression, can often follow. Being isolated is not a lifestyle of joy but of pain, though many people suffer in a crowd as well.

It should be a time of joy and quiet celebration of friends and love ones, not a commercialized and overblown shopping trip. Though gifts are great and I’m not against giving them, just that they are appropriate. I’m sure some of us still got the ugly sweater.

What do I mean by appropriate, it should be something the person would enjoy, not those prank gifts, not super expensive. We used to have disagreements about drawing names. Trying to get everyone together and go out didn’t always work either, everyone paying for their own dinner. Why can’t people just agree to disagree?

If it we me, I would just buy gifts for who I wanted to, something they would like or that I would like them to have. I would decorate and celebrate, watch the old movies, sing Christmas songs, and tell everyone how good Jesus has been to me this past year. And how much more grace and peace I have.

After all, Christmas is about the one who came as peace, died for peace and brings peace to our hearts through His love and salvation. He wore a crown of thorns, not a silly Santa hat, though  I have one. He wore them for our peace, He died for our peace and left us His peace.

I can’t emphasize that enough as we go through so much and I see so many suffering, that He Himself is our peace, Ephesians 2:14  So what is Christ but the Spirit of His peace? Or Christmas, or even New Year, or anytime but the Lord is our peace, where His Spirit is there should be peace. The holidays should reflect the Spirit of Peace even more.

It is not chaos nor confusion, God doesn’t reign over that. I hope you didn’t endure the family feuds or grind your teeth rather than spend another moment with obnoxious people. Let’s step back, ask Him to fill us with His peace, before we go through anything else.

Shopping, dinners, and table talk will go a lot smoother if the Prince of Peace has an invitation to join you wherever you go or whatever you do.. What are we waiting for? Let’s enjoy the Christmas Spirit, the rest of the year and always,the Spirit of Peace. Rebecca Jones / Valeria Boltneva, thanks.

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