Did You Get Presence?


My poodles always loved Christmas, I don’t think my Yorkie is quite as overjoyed, though she will attempt to sing with my parrot and I. She ” ruffed ” up her toy Santa and one year she tore off an angel’s halo, she’s all dog and only a little girlie. My poodle girls, Candy and Cozy and especially, Cozy, who was practically human, go funny, I know but like a little sister, she loved to decorate, celebrate, was in every picture and watched me pack decorations with a sad look on her little face.

They got presents, and they got presence. The faithfulness and the love was exactly what Jesus wanted for people to share. I wanted a lot of things, I did not get. Don’t we all try to make it nice for children and try to enjoy time with family and friends and usually put ourselves last?

I got presents, but I got presence and hope you did too. I really sought the Lord in prayer over the past weekend because there were so many illnesses and prayer requests and even loss.

My Christmas was simpler, quieter and not because there wasn’t anyone around. It was because I chose to step away to go to the ” lonely ” place or the quiet, restful and peaceful place Jesus would go talk to His Father and to receive, to be filled with the Spirit and power that kept Him going as a man, although He was God, if He had to do this why wouldn’t we?

I didn’t decorate as much though I really wanted to, it just didn’t happen, but that is okay too because, Jesus knows my heart. And I got presence. And while the makeup and perfume will run out, His fragrance never will.

While our happiness and joy can fluctuate and depend on circumstances, real joy is lasting and from Him. While the dinner was enjoyable and I finally got a piece of cake, that somehow eluded both mine and my mother’s birthdays, the food is gone but the bread of life and the living water is still there to suffice. So, I got presence.

I didn’t really need another sweater and some presents will have to wait, but the love and joy and faithfulness of Christ the King was evident and I hope you will receive presence if you have not already, because I got presence. Rebecca Jones / Victor, Picjumbo, thanks.

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