The Christmas Pearl


Southern girls loves their pearls. Most have at least one strand, or earrings or bracelets. They go with everything, from the little black dress to the Christmas red one. They even look good with jeans and heels or flats. And why not boots? Pearls are handed down, worn at weddings, borrowed and given as a special gift.

But there is a lot more to pearls than most of us know about. We can go back to the story of the Pearl of Great Price, the parable told by Jesus.  As a girl of eleven, I used to hear that Jesus was the pearl and we should give everything for Him. I have since heard how the world is the field and that Jesus is the one who gave all to buy the field so that we are the pearls of great price, I had never thought of it that way.

The way oysters produce the pearl is by being irritated. Some object works it way through the softshell into the tender heart of the oyster, in a way it is pierced like the side of Jesus. Inside the object is continually covered by a white liquid, called nacre. It sounds like nacker.

Day after day the liquid is covered until it round and beautiful. The same way the blood of Jesus covers us day after day and keeps us white as snow. Finally, to get the pearl, the oyster is cracked open and it dies, it suffocates which is the same way a crucified person does. It is the same way Jesus died. He covers His pearls and His Jesus girls, from the south or anywhere else.

Isn’t this story and the study of oysters an interesting parallel to salvation? Isn’t it interesting too that there are seed pearls, like the seeds of His Word sown in us. There are black pearls, white, and even silver, gray, blue or purplish tints, even chocolate pearls. There are also knockoffs, cheap imitations, and paste as well as cultured.

When you find a few spare minutes, watch some of the videos about pearls, how they are harvested. There are even man made ones. Agitated and irritated the process is the same in the ocean and in tanks.  The best quality ones are the most expensive. Yet, Jesus purchased salvation for any who would believe.

There are all kinds of believers, what kind of girl are your or what kind of pearl? Are you genuine or imitating what you think is a Christian, follow Jesus who gave His life, not people who can and do disappoint. I hope you get a set of pearls for Christmas, whether real or not your faith should be genuine. Pure and true, we should make it our heart’s desire to be the woman He wants us to be,

We never deserved His gift of salvation or the grace He has freely given us. Jesus is our oyster and if we are the pearls He died to produce we should live a life please to Him and not to please people. He alone is worthy or praise, And He would like nothing more than to make us His Christmas pearl. Rebecca Jones / Jacob Postuma

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