When The Weather Outside Is Frightful


…let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Seriously, I have been praying for those in California affected by the fires. There are so many missing. I watched the video of a woman driving through it to escape. There have been hurricanes, our summer was so hot and we have now weeks of rain in the fall, it is cooler but the time changes has made it get dark by 5:30.

I was inside because of the heat, and now I don’t want to be on country roads after dark. Living in the city was different, it was well lit everywhere. And while cities are dangerous to some, there is crime, drugs, evil everywhere. God is our protection, here they call on the phone, saying a prisoner has walked away from a work detail, only a couple miles down the road. Fear is not a good experience anywhere, the enemy wants to prey on us.

Certainly, there have been tornadoes, droughts, and lava flows. Now, an earthquake in Alaska. People are not safe at school, shopping, concerts or sporting events. There have been gunmen at the movies and restaurants and the synagogue and churches. It is not just the weather that is frightful, but the climate of the world, or the hearts of the people in it.

It is the season to be jolly, and aware. Purse snatchers, package thieves, hackers. Who ever thought we’d live in a world when these things were the normal? Jesus said in the last days there would be things like this, wars and rumors of wars. That is also a state we are in. Will Iran continues their plans? Is North Korea up to something?

We can still be thankful for the promise of protection that comes with salvation, the Holy Spirit and God’s holy angels are out in force acting on behalf of believers and even for unbelievers to an extent. It is good to be prayed for by someone who knows how, and the Holy Spirit helps if we don’t know how. No matter what happens, God is still greater and there more more people who something doesn’t happen to, right? Still we should walk in the protection verses such as Psalm 91.

The people of this world need some good news and that good news was born over two thousand years ago in a stable, was crucified and died for anyone who would believe that He was God’s beloved Son, raised from the dead, that He would save you for all eternity, not only from hell but from the hellish things of life. You do not have to fear when Jesus is your Lord.

No matter where you live, what language you speak, He knows and loves you and is there if you ask HIm in. And no matter the weather, or the political or economic climate, or what state you are in or what state of mind, He will be there, rain or shine. And He is on the throne, whatever goes on, we don’t have to be afraid, for He came to make peace for those who believe, He, Himself is our peace. Ephesians 2:14. Enjoy your holiday and keep His Spirit close. So let it snow…Rebecca Jones / Gabe Morales

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4 thoughts on “When The Weather Outside Is Frightful”

  1. Amen! He came to bring us such peace in the midst of the climate of fear in this world. Thank you for expressing so well the way that this world feels today. And thank God for His authority and protection over His children.


  2. Happy birthday, Rebecca.
    I agree that times are frightful…even where I live we’ve experienced natural disasters like never before. Thankfully we have a Saviour in whom we can put our hope. Our fears can be put to rest because of His great love. I’m so grateful for that.
    Blessings to you, birthday girl.
    Marva | SunSparkleShine


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