Aspire To Inspire


Aspire to inspire, my mother is at work again giving me a title for a post and I decided to fit it into the holiday spirit. We really all should aspire to inspire at Christmas especially, and all year round.  It should be the desire of our hearts to put the love of Jesus on display not as a show of flashy lights but a beautifully choreographed ballet. Like the performing arts, God is a showman in sense, not of the melodramatic necessarily but of the spectacular.

Speaking the stars into existence, was spectacular. Following one to a manger in Bethlehem was. Yet there  was a quiet and peaceful worship when the angels burst into song, the fear that the shepherds felt fled and they worshiped the Prince of Peace.

Look at the grace and lovely form of Sarah Lamb in the Nutcracker that appeared at the Royal Opera House in London last year. Compared to the description of Christ, no form or comeliness or beauty and that no one desired Him, the word in Hebrew is hadar, it also means no honor.

He was a babe in a manger and a sacrifice on the cross, no one desired Him then with marred visage, barely resembling a man. Yet, that is what He gave us if we receive, the freely given gift of salvation. And now He is seated on His throne exalted. He will never have to sacrifice again, it is finished. Surely, we should honor Him.

Though our lives may have taken wrong turns, we can turn to Him and believe, and if you already believe then receive this Christmas spirit. We can pirouette right into the arms of love, and aspire to inspire others, I have been doing just that before writing this.

We may not all be ballerinas, dancers or even writers or artists but there are many gifts, many ways to inspire and encourage. I do it with words and pictures. I would love to be as gifted as a ballerina but I do what I can when I can, even if I am not where I want to be or where God wants me to be eventually, I am on my way, and I can encourage others along the way. Because He is the way.

So please accept the challenge of aspiring to inspire someone, this season and into the new year, for He is watching over His word to perform it, Isaiah 55:11, just like a spectacular and stunning ballet with a quiet sense of worship and peace, and His grace to the fullest and highest.

Whether you can donate warm clothes, feed someone or just give your time. There are many ways to inspire, what are some ways you aspire to inspire others and your family? God bless you, He is watching and waiting as we aspire to inspire. Rebecca Jones / Sarah Lamb public domain as the Sugar Plum Fairy.


4 thoughts on “Aspire To Inspire”

  1. We are blessed with many ways to inspire others. God gives us gifts to share. Time, talents and/or a listening ear, we can all share His love with others. Have a blessed day! 🙂


  2. I love that, aspire to inspire. Your mother is a wise woman! And amen to, “but there are many gifts, many ways to inspire and encourage.” It’s so easy to see someone else’s gift, wish we had theirs, but overlook our own. What an encouragement!


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