Bad Pennies


Do you know any, the people who sort of pop up again and again? Maybe, they always need something or want something and maybe they have a problem or worse still are causing them. We’re going to ask God to supernaturally, move certain people out of your life and good ones in, however, there may be someone you are supposed to help, I pray the Lord shows you.

My problem, and you can call it that, is wanting to help everyone. But I can’t, I’m not God. I don’t always see the heart that would deceive or discourage, I am not exactly naive but was never street smart or anything like that. I have always like doing good things and not causing trouble. That is not true of everyone, some people thrive on it, and that is a shame.

There are a lot of people like that and they always turn up like the proverbial bad penny. Jesus, who made a coin appear in the mouth of a fish to pay taxes, knew a lot about bad pennies, didn’t He? We definitely want to help, but everyone may not want the kind of help Jesus offers, there may be obstacles, but you can’t just choose Jesus and go on living a sinful lifestyle.

He told parables about them, a man who was forgiven debt but would not forgive an even smaller one and ended up worse than before when it was discovered what he had done. Jesus told how demons would go and return to house that was swept and clean, with seven worse ones, how can that be? Because the person is not filling the house or themselves with His words to keep them out. And demons, even the devil never rest, thay do not have the peace of God that we as believers should enjoy, one reason they torment, to get you off the focus of faith.

He told about the woman who swept her house to find a lost coin. He is about finding the lost and saving them, He is forgiving but not condemning and will help you to turn from being a bad penny. Pointing out wrongs in a loving and sometimes firm way is not condemnation. The wages of sin being death applies, even to a believer, should they continue in it.

Jesus recalled the widow who gave all she had by putting in two mites, she gave more than the wealthy because she had nothing. And the most famous of all the bad pennies, he turned up hungry at his father’s house, hoping to be a servant because they were eating better. The prodigal asked for his inheritance, the equivalent to wishing his father dead, how else would he inherit? So, he only came home hungry, but was it spiritual? Jesus only chose to elaborate on the father’s love.

And yet, before he gets home the father runs to him and kisses him, maybe pigpen prodigal didn’t smell very good. Maybe, I shouldn’t even call him that, because God takes those bad pennies and makes them shine. He had wasted the money on riotous living and before he could even request becoming a hired hand the father asked for a robe and sandals and gave him a ring. This is my son who was dead and now is alive, what a beautiful portrait and example of our Heavenly Father.

He never gave him the chance to condemn himself, never let the word servant part his lips and yet we are so quick to fall into either self condemnation or arrogance, neither works. We are to believe what God says about us but in faith, hope and love. We are given grace upon grace and should have new and thankful hearts. new life in Him. The grace message is real and relevant but should never be abused, and do not be deceived when you see no fruit in a person’s life.

And I know how the brother was feeling, sort of left out of the feast. But He had had the father all along. He may never have asked for a feast, perhaps he was working hard and being good. I know and understand that. So you can be a little more than annoyed when the bad penny turns up and is treated royally.

And yet God redeems and gives freely to those who come to Him, the the hands who worked different hours in the fields and are paid the same, it was the owner’s choice. Jesus bought and paid for us with His blood. So we have access to the Father, He has the right to save and restore people, and sometimes it might look like we are the poor relation or the hard working brother, but we have had Him all along. Have we even asked? Or asked amiss? Did we ask being grateful?

We are also be wise, like doves among serpents and not cast pearls before swine. We are not to be deceived by empty words or promises. So we can be careful about who we help and how, every bad penny that turns up, may not want the love of the Father. Rebecca Jones / Tim Savage thanks.





5 thoughts on “Bad Pennies”

  1. I am so grateful that God can redeem us bad pennies and make us to shine in His love and grace, Rebecca. That He is so forgiving and not condemning. Thank you for these thoughts. Blessings and hugs to you!


  2. I’m so glad He sees the value in each one of us. I have a necklace with the widow’s mite on it. I am reminded when I wear it to give my all I have to Him. Thank you for these words! (Your neighbor at #CoffeeForYourHeart)


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