Nothing More To Add


I have been fighting a lot of battles. But I know my battle belongs to the Lord. I have been posting healing verses, trying to pray for as many people as I can. I have been writing blog post. I do a lot of intercessory prayer. But there is nothing more I can do really. I don’t have anything more to add. Jesus said it was finished. His sacrifice was complete, there is nothing you or I can do to improve on it. His words were true, because He is the way and the truth, He ushered in grace and truth. Waiting for that new thing to break through.

I have heard the phrase, ” There is nothing wrong with me, or with the Bible, it must be you. ” said by ministers. They are automatically labeling you and disqualifying you. Thank God, I heard the words with the grace to admit being wrong. We don’t need friends like Job. He actually said to them, ” How long will you crush me with words? ” Sometimes, we can even be over correcting or overcompensating, when Jesus already overpaid for our salvation.

God is very merciful and He is gracious and loving. It is not His will for anyone to perish, still the wages of sin are death and the gift of God is eternal life. It is up to us to decide, we still have free will concerning or lives ad even salvation. For being born again avails us to His promises, healing, deliverance and protection, even His peace. We cannot walk in these if we are worried or afraid, ill or confused. We must choose to follow Jesus an believe His words are spirit and life and go into our souls when spoken giving health and life.

We must recognize His words give grace and peace. They deliver and set free, open doors and close others. They give freedom. they protect. When spoken in faith, they put demons to flight. But we have to submit to God’s will for our lives. Faith works for us, driven by hope and love but we have to speak to the rock, Jesus, not strike Him as Moses was disobedient. He is glad to pour out His Spirit.

Those words wrap themselves around our souls and warm us with His healing balm, they give us comfort and rest. They are cleansing and refreshing as is the gift of tongues, prophetic encouragement is beginning to take hold. Joy springs forth. Do not let the enemy’s lies deceive you. He loves you from everlasting to everlasting.

And He is pouring out a Spirit of power and love and a sound mind, the Holy Spirit, can you feel the rush of wind upon our heart and soul? His love is deep, deeper still, deeper than any wound, He is the one, the only one who can heal. I can pray but you must receive, be still, know He is God, rest. He is imperative about rest. the more we rest the more He does, and He can make new ways, even in the wilderness.

He completes me and He will complete you, finish the good work He started, you are a masterpiece in hand of God, a crown of beauty robed in righteousness, because He chose death to bring us life, it was finished on a cross, end of story? No, but nothing more to add. Rebecca Jones / pexels


8 thoughts on “Nothing More To Add”

  1. Such wonderful words of encouragement! His grace is sufficient always! And you are right there is nothing more to add!! Thank you for sharing this! Your neighbor at Gracefull Tuesdays link up.


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