Easy and Light


Many of you may know that I love doing Pinterest. I have a board called Easy and Light, I purposefully made it a peaceful place to visit and spend time. I have had someone tell me they looked at it for up to two hours. I borrowed the phrase from Jesus, He ask us to come and rest, His yoke is easy and His burden light.

Why haven’t we took that into consideration before? His yoke is easy. Being yoked is like a team, horses or oxen, one leads and one follows. They move or travel in tandem, they are a matched pair. So we don’t have some heavy wagon to pull alone, we are equally yoked with Jesus making it light, the load is on Him.

Marriages are described as being unequally yoked, why because the husband doesn’t always take the lead like Jesus, guiding the wife who is still strong, but treating her like glass, as valuable vase that would break. Many people fail to recognize God’s way of  doing things, not a set of rules or do’s and don’t to hurt you, but our Father had a plan and He knows best.

And His burden light. There was no way carrying a cross was light, that He took all of our sins, afflictions, injustices, guilt and shame, even fears, was no light thing. Not at all an easy thing. But the exchange is, you give Him heavy and He gives you light. It may not look that away depending on your circumstance but spiritually it is in effect, believe it or not.

His burden is light, serving Him should be easy and light. Anything else is from that wicked one. So take the time to rest in our Something New November, or you will be yoked to the same old, same old. Routine and traditions can get tiring and even make His Word of no effect.

By all means enjoy Thanksgiving, but instead of just grace, ask everyone what they are thankful for, turn of the electronics for a while and really talk. Are you yoked to cooking, and cleaning, are you about to shop til you drop and face being trampled?

Having all the work or cooking to do and the cleaning, and then the dessert, is not easy or light, I have done that. Getting people to plan ahead is not always the easiest either. Whatever you do, do it in love, but make sure to rest, and look for some easy and light this holiday season.

Love is supposed to be light, and it should be easy, that is why we should make good decisions, not ahead of God but beside Him. I was praying in the Spirit today and many times it is a burden He has laid on my heart, that’s when you pray until it lifts. But other times, it is just such a peaceful and refreshing moment, it is very easy and light.

The picture reminded me of the river I once saw in the mountains a girl, I would have loved to skip across the rocks, of put my feet in. I did get to stop on a winding road and fill a bottle with pure spring water, dripping from the rocks, it flowed into a trickle. It was cold and pure, like the living water that Jesus is and He is my rock.

So let Jesus have the load and the lead, He already bore that cross of shame and He deserves the thanksgiving and praise, He alone is worthy. Ask Him to fill you with His Spirit, again and again on a daily basis, let Him have your heart this month, and I pray it is easy and light. Rebecca Jones / Josh Willink, pexels, thanks.


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