Are You A Teachable Spirit?

The Bible is full of wisdom and knowledge. So is God, the Lord gives wisdom and knowledge from His mouth comes understanding. Proverbs 2:6 Proverbs is about instruction and wisdom. It is a book to read over and again. Some people go through the Bible every year, I don’t. I just read and reread whatever the Holy Spirit impresses me to or what applies to a situation. If something is weighing heavily on your heart, you should pray and read the verses that apply.

I chose this picture because God is fountain of wisdom, and like the girl most people have turned away, don’t pay attention, are off in their own world or cares of the world. Some people receive with gladness, but get caught up and soon become stony or hard even thorny ground, the enemy know how to take God’s Word out of you, which is why you have to keep sowing. You heart is a garden for seeds or weeds.

And in the Something New November, I would ask you to look deeply inside, and ask yourself if you are a teachable spirit. Are you willing to learn? Set aside old ideas and open yourself to His thoughts. Are you a doubter? Dismissive? Easily persuaded or even more easily dissuaded? Are you going to put in the effort to read or study, watch programs that teach you His Word? Be read to speak it over your life and family?

I have had the opportunity to teach on many occasions, though I have no formal degree. I taught Sunday School at seventeen to sweet little old ladies, I can still remember one of them and her hair dyed red, now mine is. Many times I have looked back and wished I had more to offer them, but I was young and I told them about Jesus.

Children, small ones, are open little minds to soak up songs and Bible stories and color pictures of Jesus, it is a blessing to see their faces shine and watch even babies do the motions to songs. Even some older ones. But so many of the ones I have seen that are medicated either ADHD or ODD, are much harder to engage, and from foster care, living with addicts, their attention span is so short. I know there are professionals and these children are in need of being taught about Jesus, but theirs is not always a teachable spirit. It needs work.

Adults can be the same way, and I am not judging if you have an illness or mental anxiety, but that too, can keep you from being a teachable spirit. Worry can, fear can, frustration can. I urge you to pray for yourself to have a teachable and receptive spirit. The Holy Spirit is a great teacher and He will help you.

Being a teachable spirit is also one that will require you to be patient, learn the fruits of the Spirit. They begin with love and end in self control. You will need a quiet and peaceful place in your heart and soul to meditate on His Word. You will need to carry that Word through your day. There are many little ways to learn His Word. Phone apps, even post it notes.

There are way too many good ideas and teaching programs, too many blogs and even pins on Pinterest to read, not to take advantage of them and learn to rest in His promises and receive His favor. I have found it difficult to teach those who have no interest in learning, so that is a key, if you don’t take faith seriously or expect to grow up in Christ, you will be disappointed.

But if you loves Jesus and will let Him love you and bless you, there is certainly an abundance of grace and favor flowing the pages of the Bible, a new thing yes and no because it has been there a long time, but He is doing something new, a stream flowing through the desert. So how about it are you turning away or toward the fountain? Are you a teachable spirit? Rebecca Jones / pexels





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