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Ever have one of those, ” What was I thinking? ” moments. Yeah, me too, just about everyday.  A lot of decisions might be just something you wish you had done differently. I had a dining room table that was good but the chairs were hard and the legs and been reglued, exit table. New one not much better, one of those quick decisions, and I miss my old couch and chair after it is gone, and now I’m still needing a new one. Or why did I pick that color, or that coat, these shoes are pretty but they hurt my feet, ” What was I thinking? ”

These aren’t as monumental decisions though as some, the name your parents gave you, or the labels, you be Sarah, a princess but not realize your worth as a daughter of the king. You may be a Ruth, but not have a friend, or a kinsman redeemer, but you have Jesus. You may be a Hannah, hoping for a child.

We need to learn a new way to think, to pray and make decisions from a place of rest, of peace and the victory, He already purchased our souls with the crucifixion. We need to quit thinking so badly of ourselves. Phillipians 4:8 gives us a good idea. Lovely, pure, of good report, but we have a choice.

If Jesus says one thing and we say another, we just counteract prayers and faith. It works by faith, hope and love, His love being the greatest, the real determination of answered prayer, the breath of the Spirit praying for us and Jesus our High Priest.

What church you go to, or ministry you learn from, where you live or go to school, who you marry, how you teach your children, are all important decisions. We all have regrets, even if we have forgiveness. In the something new of November, I hope to turn my thoughts around, I used to cast down so many I was exhausted, and even now, I have to watch it. Without the Word sown in my heart, I would worry.

The Lord wants, even expects or demands our trust. If I trust Him with my life and soul, surely I can trust Him to come through with answers to prayer. What am I thinking? If He said He will do it, He will.

If He says rest, I need to rest. If He says I have His peace, I have His peace. So what am I thinking when I’m all anxious and frustrated or run through the day trying to keep up. I need to change not only what I say about certain things but what I think.

I had someone recently tell me that I reflected Christ well. Truthfully, that’s not what I see, although I do my best to. But like last year’s Not About Me November, it is not about me. It’s all about Jesus. For His glory. For I have to cease striving for what He already created me to be and just accept His amazing grace, for if its it depends on what do, it is no longer grace. And grace and peace are one in Jesus.

So what am I thinking or you?  ” Nobody cares or understands. ” He does, ” Why me? ” Why not you, the enemy goes after people with potential, and why not you to do something new this November or me? Even with holidays, let’s try a new way of thinking,  let’s let the Holy Spirit search and renew our minds in Christ, we have a New Year coming up, we should all be reflecting Him well, so why not a new way of thinking? Rebecca Jones / pexels

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8 thoughts on “New Way of Thinking”

  1. I so needed this encouragement “ the enemy goes after people with potential”. What a beautiful way to look at it. Thank you.


  2. I think I should make every month “Not about me November”. That’s a constant reminder I need. But you are so very right. If it depends on what I do, it’s not grace. Thanks for this.


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