When Words Hurt, We Need New Ones.


Have you ever had a butterfly encircle you? Flower petals at your feet? A gentle wind in your face? A bee sting, a snake bite, a slap in the face. These are examples of words, read the Proverbs, in fact, the Bible is full of verses about our words. God spoke the world into creation. He gave us a similar creative power. What we say is important.

What a wonderful God to give us the ability to speak, and to see and to hear His creation. It is amazing in His grace, that He confounded the language in NImrod’s time, He never lets evil prevail, though we live in a fallen world, He is our victory and we overcome because He did, He knew we would have trouble.

Have you ever heard the stillness of a lake, a room where a pin could drop, the blessing of silence? That is God, the author of peace. He is in the dewey morning mist at dawn, and in the peaceful quiet of the dark, when night falls on us to rest. And then there’s the chaos of the enemy. Have your tasted the goodness of God, or smelled the fragrance of Christ? Or the dry throat of fear choking you, the putrid of evil.

Words are pleasant and like a honeycomb, they are a feast of joy and laughter, a merry heart or they are grievous and hurtful, they are death and life and most people speak death as their first language. I like to call them heart speaks and death speaks They are cruel, mean and morbid, destructive, ripping and tearing at the souls of others or they are peaceful, kind, refreshing to the soul. They will burn you with anger and hatred or warm you with tenderness, and set your Spirit ablaze for the Lord.

They are generous seeds sown sparingly or generously. They grow or the are gobbled up by voracious and evil birds. They are sown into good ground, yet stolen or plucked up. They bloom and blossom or they fade away and die. They drown in muddied waters are stomped on by heavy soled boots and hearts. They are camouflaged among the thorns that choke life from them or are cared for watered and sunlit, spring new life. We need to let the Lord breathe new life into our voices and words.

We need to stop and think when we are about to yell remembering that God is slow to anger. Thankfully, it doesn’t last long, He is full of mercy. He is loving and forgiving, though He will admonish you and you will know it. He gave us such beauty in words, His Word, songs, poetry. Why don’t we use them wisely? That would be something new for a lot of people.

Words can be tossed around carelessly, said in haste, wasted on some, devoured by others. They can be a blessing or a curse. You choose. They are spoken in faith, hope and the greatest of all, love. They can be sincere, lonely, insincere and bitter. They are embraced or wasted.

They bring together or divide, hurt or heal, wash or wound. The cut like a knife are sharper than a blade. They are salt in a wound or a balm of healing. They give honor to God or dishonor, they glorify or terrify and horrify. They are constructive or destructive. They praise with far off hearts or with the joy of the Lord.

He knows every thought and intent and the depths of our hearts. There is the saying about if looks could kill, well, words can. So when words hurt, go to the Word, and rest in the living Word made flesh, Jesus is our answer when words hurt. And when words, hurt we need new ones. Rebecca Jones / pexels

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