A Lonely Soul, Not So New.


A lonely soul, she or he, forces a smile, tries to fit in, may be single or divorced. Perhaps, even married, as husbands and wives lead separate lives, work different schedules or travel, or just grow apart, which is a dangerous way to go, and often leads to infidelity, there is loneliness, the old they don’t understand me. I have said it myself. So have you you. Being lonely is nothing new for a lot of us, but not being lonely is new, is it our new thing in November to be delivered from it? It is possible.

You may not detect the loneliness in people. They have become adept at hiding it. They can make excuses not to participate or be the life of the party. Loneliness goes to both  extremes. They are both a shadow of who they long to be and the substance of that person. They are not satisfied easily and are longing for deeper commitment and compassion. Not the chit chat over drinks and a one night stand. The loneliest soul wants stability, security, the man will want a wife his heart can trust and be a crown to him. The woman, the man who can give of himself, protect, communicate and love her like the Lord.

They look for the depth of love in others, and are often disappointed. They look for love, and someone else wants a fling. They don’t find it the quick fix of drugs or alcohol, they can again be a casual user or have never experienced it at all. People who go that route in search of love are lonelier and even more desperate souls, settling for less than God’s best, they may fall further and may not be able to even lift themselves to the lifter of their heads.

Loneliness is like a pendulum, swinging back and forth over the lonely person’s heart. As time ticks by and we grow older, loneliness can become a thief, robbing us of joy, sending us into despair. Why haven’t I succeeded? Why don’t I own a home or have a family? We question our, wisdom ,our worth, and even our Lord, though He has a plan and a future, even redeeming lost time.

The biological clock ticks for women and men seek to regain the younger self that sometimes sowed wild oats and brought heartache, when there was a lonely heart that he could have easily pleased and found a faithful and satisfying love with God’s guidance. Age is not a barrier if love is true, many have enjoyed the romance of May/ December, or even second marriages and families, but it must be love not just an attempt to not remain lonely. The Holy Spirit will guide the way.

For you see, Jesus spent time in lonely places. He had to to rest and speak to His Father or He would have had trouble being human and giving His life for pitiful and undeserving creatures. He really knew there would be some who would never believe, but He died thinking of the beloved ones like us, who have come to know Him as Lord. What a horrible thought to suffer as He did knowing some would not ever trust Him. And what a wonderful Lord to give Himself anyway, that I could sit and write about His love.

He knows that we understand that He was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. He knows we know He was lonely for heaven as He walked through earth and even hell for three days and nights to redeem us. His heart was broken long before it was pierced. He wept over Jerusalem, and even over me.

He knows we know how lonely His heart was for heaven but also for us. And He could not bear to be without us, and made the ultimate sacrifice. Now all you have to to is to commit to Him. Let no one or nothing drive you away from the love of Jesus, He is the one who takes away the loneliness, drives away the despair, and gives us new and eternal life, because you know what, if you are a lonely soul, He’s calling you. He’s lonely for you too. And when you are full of the love of Jesus, you will never be alone again. Rebecca Jones / Matheus Ferrero, Unsplash, thanks.

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8 thoughts on “A Lonely Soul, Not So New.”

  1. Jesus knows what it is like to be lonely. He understands and we can go to Him and never be lonely again. Blessings to you, Rebecca! I’m your neighbor at the #LMMLinkup.


  2. Thank you for sharing such a compassionate post here today. There are so many lonely hearts in this world! Although loneliness is at the core of all of us, because as you say, that loneliness is meant to be fulfilled in the love of Jesus. Oh may I keep my heart fully given over to Him, in those lonely places. And may I open my heart to those God leads me to, who are still so alone. Blessings to you!


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