A New Soul

The Proverbs speak of beauty and charm being deceitful and it can be but it doesn’t have to be. God created everything with the intention of it being good and beautiful and lasting. As it turns out I had a couple of extra posts about souls so I thought  I would rewrite it a little. 2 Corinthians 5:17 says we are a new creation in Christ and old things are past so God has and is doing a new thing in our lives.

Even our adversary was created perfect and iniquity was found in him. How often the beautiful people are lured astray. with pride, envy, and a sense of entitlement. How often do they lure believers in? I saw a program where a lady boasted of getting up at 5 a.m. to read her Bible, right away, I didn’t believe her. She was an addict, owed money, lived with a man and had had him murdered.

She may have looked good to some, or presented herself that way, but she was either not truly a believer or had been made a new soul and let iniquity be found in her. I recently read that Jesus was crushed for our iniquities, and the word means injustices, in that case, her soul once justified by Christ if she really had believed or had become unjust through her sins or what she allowed others to do to her.

The devil’s sin of pride, makes a perfect and beautiful cherub unjust because he wanted to overthrow God, he is behind all injustices. We must be careful so that our new souls in Christ do not fall prey to his devices. And he disguises his motives but the Lord gives wisdom and discernment to those who believe, and you will not follow him off into sin and deceptions.

And then there are flawed souls, people born again who think that’s all there is, they’re not going to hell, they may participate in church activities and hide sin from friends and family, the grace message allows you freedom but never condones sin. It does not condemn the repentant but never condones sin.

There are some, sort of believers and some not, people are flawed in their thinking, their beliefs, they give way to greed and lust and even power, not caring who they hurt. It’s all about them when it should be all about Jesus. Do not give in to temptation, lies and seduction. That man won’t get a divorce, everyone doesn’t do it. You don’t have to have drugs to survive. Cheating someone or on someone is just cheating yourself. If you are a new creature in Christ, be that and stay that, shun the appearances of evil, bother to learn what evil really is, you may be surprised what the Bible says about it.

The church is full of broken people who have led broken lives, ” hooking up ” as they say is not the way to go. The sins against the body are plentiful and you can get spiritual problems you can’t get rid of so easily, and you might even abandon your morals as one lady who attended church did, marry the wrong man and suffer, he killed her little boy. And she readily admits her mistake, she knew it was wrong to go off with him, and she did it anyway, listen to the Holy Spirit if you are a believer and not just a name only  Christian.

You will give an account and He will either say well done or depart from me. It’s your choice. It is time to start a true relationship with Jesus if you are a believer, and if you are not sure, just attended church, believed going to Sunday school made you a Christian, just invite Him in for real, if you don’t know His love that He died in most horrendous way  possible to save you, He loved you that much, just ask Him into your heart, ask for His Spirit  to help you, and allow yourself to be a new and renewed soul in Christ.

If His love doesn’t draw you fear will not hold you, and you will remain a flawed soul or a lost one, but Jesus has a flawless beauty about Him and He can help you come to that light, no more a flawed soul, but a beautiful new creature, He gives you wings like a butterfly, and a new soul. Rebecca Jones / pexels


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